Silly girl!

Started the Christmas season with an early family party yesterday. After three months almost af free decided to throw caution to the wind and had two portions of chocolate gateau with cream. BIG MISTAKE! Af set in 6 hours later! The old boxing frog!

Oh well, I guess the rest of Christmas I will have to go back to eating sensibly. How boring!

Have a good one all.


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  • Bad luck. AF's such a healthy ailment! We just daren't do naughty things.

  • I know...I haven't got the brains I was born with!

  • "chocolate gateau" ... got to be worth it though :-D ;-)

  • Oh yes!

  • Ooh, don't say we can't eat anything with chocolate this Christmas. I had a gluten free piece of chocolate cake yesterday when out and have had no effects so far!!! Of course though, it was probably the two pieces of gateau that tipped you over! You naughty girl! Did your AF last long?

  • No. About an hour. But you know - af begets af - it doesn't feel quite right today. The annoying thing was that I was sensible with everything else - didn't overeat, no alcohol etc.

  • Hope your AF is fully gone and THANK YOU for the timely warning as there is a chocolate roulade with some coffee and whipped cream sitting on the table for his evening

    My thought is if you have been good for months and then have a festive splurge it's a double whammy so take care. I am very very slowly reintroducing a bit of everything caffeine, alcohol and different occasionally late evening meal times into my life, although I accept I probably will never go back to eating and drinking anything anytime.

  • Yes, very true. I am still avoiding alcohol.

    I am making a trifle for tomorrow instead of Christmas pud - but a) dare I eat any and b) can I resist?

  • Nan.

    Why no Christmas pud ? Is it bad for my INR I had some on Christmas Day !

    Should I not have it ?


  • At least you had the pleasure of the chocolate gateau! I went out for a family meal yesterday and watched enviously as the others all consumed lovely desserts which I had declined for fear of AF starting. That evening AF started and continued for 12 hours, the longest I have ever had. We were about to go to A&E at nine o'clock this morning when it stopped. I was so thankful as I really didn't fancy a visit to A&E. I think I was the silly girl as I suffered the AF without any of the pleasure!

    Happy Christmas to you and everyone else onthis site.

  • Life is not life without a slice or two of chocolate gateau. Enjoy the festive season. We can all have a good old grumble and groan afterwards! Lol. Merry Christmas one and all.

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