Christmas Fun - Lets Laugh!

So this Christmas, how about putting how you feel about AF into verse to any Christmas song. It can be as long or short as you like.

Here's my contribution, pop yours underneath so that we have them all in one post and don't get told off for clogging the system:

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know.

Where my heart beats in rhythm

And I don't have to listen,

To heart beats thudding out of flow.

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas

With AF keeping out of sight.

May our days be MERRY..... and bright

And let all our heart beats, beat right.



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  • Jumbled heart . Jumbled heart

    it happened in a blink.

    I don't want to go

    in the snow

    With a heart that's out of synch.

  • Lol 😂 bob , you always make me chuckle haha ❤️

  • Brilliant ❤️👌🏼🎁x

  • I wish my heart would beat good every dayyyyy !!

    When the 🛎 bells are jingling and my heart ❤️ begins to sway !!! oooo iiii wish my heart would beat good everyday eeeyayyy !!

    Let them etopics just go away for Christmas 🎄 🎁👍🏼😂😩🤦🏼‍♀️😆❄️❤️❤️❤️😁

  • Super! Well done.

  • Lol 😂 👍🏼🎁🎉🎄

  • This is a very good suggestion, because many people become so obsessed about their heart that ruminate all day long about it. Nothing is gained by this, on the contrary, it can make things worse because they never stop being stressed out and fearful. Emotions and heart are intimately connected by a delicate chemical and electric system. AF is indeed the most common arrhythmia and is by itself not life threatening. The only risk is the possibility of developing blood clots, which nowadays is being prevented with the use of anticoagulants.

  • I’m dreaming of an afib free Christmas just like the ones I had before. Where my heart beats normal and stays regular and strong. And may all your Christmases be afib frees

  • These forum beginners

    Keep calling them thinners, it's driving me crazy I swear.

    What with AC refuseniks and dodgy statistics,

    I'm thinking of going off air.


    Thanks for all your help and support Bob

    Happy Christmas!


  • Well folks, we all like to rise to a challenge, so here goes:

    We three ‘ologist’s at hospitals are

    Trying to treat AF’ers who traverse afar

    By bus, by car, puffing and blowing

    All following Bob’s wise advice – well trying

    O’ volunteers, with words of foresight

    Providing us help to o’come our plight

    Words of wisdom, seeking freedom

    Helping us all, fight the good fight to get it right

    Thanks to everyone for all the help and support over the past 3 years or so, without it, I'd probably still be climbing the walls........Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year........

  • Oh dear, poetic words are not flowing from me tonight but I would like to wish you all a very lovely Christmas and a good start to the new year. I hope AF gives us all a well deserved break. Thanks to all for your support and help.

    Best wishes

    Jane x

  • 3 wise ablations...followed the bright star...and on the 22nd of December..all was peacefull!!! well thats how I hope to feel this friday....Happy Christmas to you all

  • Don't fibrillate don't fibrillate

    Because there's too much on my plate

    Dear heart of mine you will be fine

    If I just have one glass of wine.

    I'm calm relaxed and having fun

    Until the Christmas Season's done.

    So no, my well trained trusty ticker

    No need to beat a little quicker.

    Happy Christmas!!

  • Come and join the celebrations

    Here’s to an Afib free day

    Is it just my imagination

    Or is it really on its way!

    Wise men told me got to take another pill

    That’s why I rattle when I’m walking up a hill

    So help me!

    Come and join etc.

    Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year


  • Fantastic Jeanie! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!! Anne

  • Ha ha love it!

    Well here goes, my efforts:

    Oh af free. Af free, af free all the way,

    Let us have our dinner with a quiver,

    And we'll be laughing all the way!

    Oh af free we don't want no jingle and let us have our day, hey!

    Ha ha got carried away. I won't be penning a chart topper soon.

    Happy Christmas lovely people.



  • Doctors told me pa rum pa pum pum

    That when my heart goes mad pa rum pa pum pum.

    Just take the tablets pa rum pa pum pum

    You will not die of it pa rum pa pum pum, rum pa pa pa pum rum ti rum ti pum 🥁❤️

  • O little heart inside my chest

    How still you used to be

    I never knew

    How crazy you

    Would soon become to me!

    Yet in my darkest moments

    When Afib makes you race

    I still believe

    That a reprieve

    Will put you back on pace.

  • Make my wish come true oh, all I want for Christmas is a healthy yooouuu ❤ yoooouuuu baby!!

    All the hearts are shinning so brightly everywhere, and the sound of ectopic beats laugher and fill the air.

    And SVT is singing, I hear those sinus beats rhythm. Santa wont you bring me, the heart I really need, won't you please bring my heart to me quickly!!

  • On behalf of my Dad..!

    Oh I wish I could be AFib free everydayyyyy!

    When ye out of breath and ye heart keeps banging awayyyyy!

    that's all I could manage! Happy healthy Christmas everyone xx

  • Ello Jean, mefinks your idea has made a lot of people happy.....Hope your Christmas holidays go well, and that you stay well too, best wishes, John

  • The most fun I've had in a while. Thanks to all the participants and to the website volunteers for helping us understand our sneaky heart beats. Happy holidays!

  • Thanks to all for some fun songs.I am no good at that sort of stuff, but it certainly lightens the mood.

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