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Peripheral aterial disease ... any advice ?

Hi guys

My wife has recently been diagnosed with "peripheral arterial disease"(PAD) and although her feet seem to be clearing up ( less blueness and red patchiness ) she is still experiencing significant pain in 2 of her toes and the side of the foot by the little toe

she has been prescribed "tramadol" and "paracetamol" for the pain and dilteazem(180mg) to open up the artieries with the hope of getting more blood the the extremeties

however the pain she experiences is more apparent and night and too many tramadol keep her awake ..... so has anyone got any further advice on how to manage PAD ....

she also has "zapain"( 30mg codeine/500mg paracetamol ) but this cannot be taken the same time as "tramadol" ..... which would be better

finally is there any home remedies that can make her more comfortable ....

many thanks

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I have the impression that vitamin C can help with arteries. Try one gram morning and evening, preferably slow-release (see Nature's Best - mail order). This is good for almost any condition, so you should gain by trying it, in one way or another! (Helps the heart too!)

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