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Does low hemoglobin affect atrial fibrilation?


I have been advised I have extremely low hemoglobin and have been prescribed iron tablets. Prior to this I was diagnosed with AF in 2010 and had cardio version in 2012. Since then my AF has been extremely well managed by taking, flecanide, bisoprolol, ramipril and warfarin. I have led a normal life. But over last few weeks AF symptoms are back!! So was wondering if this is due to low hemoglobin.

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Not to my knowledge. Surely the haemoglobin is what carries the oxygen around in your blood. I know that carbon monoxide bonds with it so you die from lack of oxygen which is why people with CO poisoning have red faces or so I have read. I guess if your blood is not working properly it may be that affecting your AF but more likely to be a coincidence I feel.


That makes a lot of sense as being anemic (having low hemoglobin) causes the heart to beat faster. Your heart has to work harder to get the oxygen around, so you may feel short of breath, dizzy, and notice that faster heartbeat. That extra burden on the heart can induce AF in susceptible individuals. I hope you get your anemia treated and your AF symptoms subside soon. Be well.

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My sister has Lupus and has AF both my parents had leukaemia and were diagnosed with AF at the time of diagnosis. I have AF but have not had the low hemoglobin but did have glandular fever which knocked me flat.


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