Atrial Fibrilation

I recently saw a Registrar at a Cardio Clinic, who after some discussion agreed I needed a Cardio Version, however when he went to check with the Cardiologist he came back and said they thought I was too old to risk it, I am 74 years of age and in reasonable health apart from AF, they want me to take Amadorine? but if that didn't work then I would have to have the C ardio Version, can anyone explain to me, why? I will be older, can't see the sense. Photo taken in 2007!!

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  • If they think you are too old they are obviously very young!! I can't explain the decision, am guessing there are statistics to support their decision but I would be inclined to ask for a referral to an EP ( electrophysiologist) someone who specialises in electrical problems in the heart which is what AF is. Am thinking you mean amiodarone, this has some short coming in"older people" too.

    Best wishes Wendy B

  • best is to ask foe ablation

  • G'day supergranny,

    Well if what they told you is correct then I'm bloody done for... I have a partial knee replacement (about a 3 hrs op) on 6 Nov, gotta come off Warfarin and learn to walk again!!! I'm 71. Am I bothered - naaaah!

    Good 🍀

  • ask for second opinion and do some research re age go armed with info

  • If that's the case I'm a goner I am 72 and my only option is a CV as I cannot take the drugs when I am in AF

  • I have af iam 53 and told iam young for ablation so really don't know

  • Strange - I am 43 and awaiting my ablation now - told better to get it done. not sure there is much consistency here.

  • Sounds nonsense to me. I've had two cardoversions - one when I was 75 and the other at 77 and I am still ticking away quite happily. Get a second opinion would be my advice.

  • I cannot see the reasoning either - agree with above - ask your GP for a second opinion with referral to an EP and nothing less. You can usually get a private appointment for about £250-300. If you can afford it, well worth the money. They will still treat you under the NHS.

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