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Etopic beats and racing heart

Hello I had an ablation in jan and have came of all Meds except for bisoprolol to try and control the etopic beats .been feeling fine ,except for today I took bisoprolol at 7am then at 9am felt like I was gona have an etopic beat , but instead my heart started to race for about 2 mins . My ablation was supposed to have been successful , but iam realy worried that it hasn't worked . I have been worrying a lot with another problem could that be the cause , but I thought that wouldn't cause af . My heart was settled on flecinide but since stopping those a few months back I have had etopic s sometimes in clusters ,but the bisoprolol is reducing them . I now have to wait to see cardiologist again I was discharged about 8 weeks ago though , realy worried again . Any advice please x

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All sounds pretty normal to me I'm afraid. Ectopics are not AF but usually a sign that the heart is trying to go into AF and failing so not a bad thing although you might not see it that way. You might like to discuss with your GP going back on flecainide till you see the cardiologist but probably best to have a 24 hour tape before that to capture the rhythm , whatever it is. Alternatively, why not talk to your GP about setting up a system where you can pop in to see the nurse for an ECG when you feel things are not right. This is what i did years ago and it worked quite well as I was able to get things recorded while they were happening and not have to wait two days!


PS I still get short runs of tachycardia and pd ectopic beats from time to time.


Thankyou for your reply . My doctor won't put me back on flecinide until I have seen my consultant again , just got to stay on beta blockers Ido have some flecinide at home wich iam tempted to take but they won't last for long . Don't know how long it will take till I see consultant again as I was discharged about 8 weeks or more ago .


Sorry your not feeling ok....Go see your GP before you take other meds your not supposed to be having .....If your not sure bother them until your happy about how you feel Ring the consultant and see if you can make another appointment explain you are not feeling right...I had my ablation about 12 weeks ago now and have only just started to settle down although I have gastro paresis from it as well so have been really anxious....

Best of luck and see your GP when your feeling uneasy or something is wrong agree with Bob have an ECG done to check

Good luck and keep posting we are all here and try and help each other



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