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I gave up smoking two years ago and since then my AF episodes, rather than easing as I expected, they have increased and become different in nature. I was a bit cobcerned about this as the episodes became daily and I was loosing sleep over it.

So I started to change my diet to try and isolate the culprit or culprits. The one thing that I had changed was eating my eating habits. I chewed a lot of gum and ate more putting on weight.

This is what I have found and this worked for me as I have reduced the amount and severity of my episodes to a managable level.

BAD ..... Chocolate, Aspartaine (artificial sweetner), Caffiene ( in anything!), ice cream in quantity any flavour.

Not as bad...... Cheese, white bread.

I am still trying to find others. Let you know as I do.

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Try eggs, nuts, oily fish, avocado, coconut, butter, double-cream, moderate amounts of meat and the accompanying fat, olive oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated).

Avoid fructose, and foods that raise your insulin/IGF1 levels such as baked beans, yoghurt, sugar, and high-glycaemic foods such as Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Wholemeal bread, white potatoes (including jacket potato) or rice. Also avoid stimulants and additives.


You won't live any longer but it will feel like it!


Only joking-- if it works for you then fine but it isn't the cause of AF only maybe a trigger. My EP told me not to waste my time looking but I do agree about aspartame which is really evil stuff. The problem is we are all different and what may work for one will make another worse. If you have an ablation and get rid of the AF they are no longer triggers.



Is looking at ways of improving your health a waste of time?


Stay around long enough and you will maybe understand my sense of humour. Most people do. Sorry you took offence.


I had to cut out alcohol and most caffeine. I could probably still have one glass of wine, but it would to be a very big glass so best just to stay tee-total for me! No problem with chocolate here....phew ;-) .



try extra potassium in your diet- bananas, orange juice, jacket potato etc, works for me


Forgot to say, the main issue I've found with triggering my arrhythmias is not so much what food, it's more the volume. So I only eat small meals now, little and often, and never fill myself up. It works for me. My drugs actually control the arrhythmia, but I can still feel it trying to start if I eat a full meal, and it's an uncomfortable feeling.



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