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new AF mapping for ablation

There is a new way of mapping where the AF sites are, and it is available in UK. The machine was a long time coming here because it had to be given some safety mark. I contacted one of the Drs on the team, and through him another cardioloigist in Addenbrookes who Im seeing again in December for a discussion with view to having this done. I don't know where else it may be available but hope its of use to someone.

From my discussions so far, my understanding is it doesn't reduce the total time in theatre, but does reduce the burn time as well as improve accuracy and success rate. Cardio told me theres newer things coming in all the time and there may be a better one for me if I waited a little, hence seeing him soon for final chat.


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New advances are coming all the time but sadly no real sea change. Most new things merely fine tune what is already done and whilst they may improve outcomes there is as yet no huge step forward. One day we hope.



Its good to know advancements are being made. Softly softly but they all add up.



That's very interesting - they're using FIRM ablation which has given particularly good results, and that includes persistent and permanent AF.

I believe it is a big step forwards. I think it opens ablations up for many more inexperienced EPs (i.e. the majority) to perform accurate ablations in a more mechanical and repeatable way and produce results equivalent to the best. The success rate was 82% in this trial where most of the patients were not paroxysmal. That is an excellent result.



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