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Medication shortfall before appointment

My husband is seeing the cardiologist on Friday afternoon. However, all his medication that he was given on leaving hospital a month ago (Bisopralol, Apixaban, Digoxin, Spironolactone, Ramipril) all run out on Thursday morning.

Does it matter that much for a few hours, assuming we will be able to get more after the appointment on Friday? Or do we contact the GP and ask him for a prescription?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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You should have seen your doctor and been told to do that by the hospital already. Hospitals usually only prescribe the first month and write to your GP to update them so they then take over the job.(and costs)! I doubt that things will go horribly wrong but you have three days to get it sorted!.


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Since being discharged I have always been prescribed all my medications from my GP (on the guidance of my cardiologist/EP) - if that helps. The Propafenone is not always available off the shelf and needs ordering in so might be worth ensuring continuity of supply, rather than risk running out.


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Thankyou Bob and Jo. As we've both been healthy up till now, this is all new to us. The hospital didn't say anything at all. So he needs to contact the GP tomorrow.....right.....ok. We're be there first thing.

It's all a minefield, we have no idea of how it all works at all!


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