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Doctors visit and blood test

I went to the doctors yesterday as had been feeling very tired and sweaty all week.

Thought it was maybe results of the tachycardia that I had the weekend before but then thought it must be something else. I had a blood test and temperature taken and an appointment for Monday for the results.

He won't see the holter ecg until the cardio has seen it, this seems mad to me in this age of computers since he was the one who requested it. I'm trying to keep out of hospital and keep fit but it's very hard work when nothing seems to be working together. You wouldn't get away with it in a school. Still I like my doctor and it's not his fault. Sorry for the moan but had to go some place to let off steam. Keep well Terry

PS. Thought it might be imbalance of sodium or other electrolytes as I've been on sodium tablets for some time.

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Hi Terjo. Let's hope for good things on Monday.

Surely it's an idea for the cardiologist to cast his eye over your holter ECG in case he picks up anything not obvious to a GP.

I haven't had any results from mine which was weeks ago - but I haven't been to see my GP so it is my fault really. I feel I've been to the surgery too many times in the past 18 months.


Thanks I'll let you know the result. Terry


Keep us posted!


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