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I am new to the site, however I do have AF. Quite badly at the moment I have been in the 178 beat bracket they have reduced it to about 130 ish. There has got to be a reason as to why we are always going in and out of AF, but everyone is different. Bananas are good in as much as they are high in fibre for some people, which works for some of us but not for others.

Also if you require any information regarding answers for AF. Just remember there are different things wrong with everyone of us and everyone is an individual, you should seek advice from your Consultant Cardiologist, because he SHOULD know you best, you see I have AF but I also have an enlarged left Atrium and High Blood Pressure. The Cardiologist is the best person to tell you what you want to know and how you want to proceed with it. Certain procedures work on some people but if it is not the right procedure for you then it probably will not work. Read up as much information as you can on AF, the symptoms and yes ask people their experience of what they had done, what was wrong with them and how it affected them, then this should give you some idea of what to expect. We are all on these sites because we have AF and want to know more and some suffer worse than others. My worry is will I be like my Dad, he had oodles of things wrong with him, he had on top of everything else he suffered, 3 Strokes and 2 Heart attacks, but he actually died of an aortic anurism, they only had seconds to save him anyway and get him to a theatre, but he died unfortunately. I do not want to be in the same position as him. So I am talking to my Cardiologist. Yes AF is debilitating and the drugs that they prescribe are debiliating, your day to day life is not the same. Your slowed right down and of course this is not me! I don't want to be doing this on a daily basis and certainly not for life. I will let you know the outcome. Many thanks

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I hope you feel better soon and this episode subsides.



Hello and welcome to the forum. I agree with you that AF is debilitating but you are doing the right thing in talking first to a cardiologist who can refer you to an Electrophysiologist who specialises in heart rhythms. I had episodes of AF with heart rates similar to yours, but with the right drug treatment they have stopped - for the moment.

I hope you feel better soon and remember there is a wealth of information about AF on the main website and much support and help on this forum.

Best wishes.


Hi and welcome dland, you're right, AF is a very individual thing... I'm sorry you're in the middle of an episode, and I hope they get your heart rate down a bit soon.



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