confused by bisoprolol

Hi everyone again.

I am confused by what I read. I am on Bisoprolol and now never have an irregular heartbeat. As it says that Bisoprolol does not cure the A-Fib and the heart is still fibrillating, does that mean that with a regular beat I can still have A-fib?

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  • Bisoprolol is a beta blocker which merely slows the heart rate. It works well for some people but does not cure the AF. It is possible you may be in AF but not aware as many people are i e asymptomatic, On the other hand if your AF was paroxysmal maybe you haven't had an event fora while. Don't knock it!


  • Thanks Bob.

    Yes my A-Fib is paroxysmal and I do believe I have not had an event recently as they were few and far between. I always know it is happening as my heart thumps and races until it calms down. It is just that I read that you can have a regular heart rate on Bisoprolol and still the heart be fibrillating, which I did not think could be right. You are such a help to us all with your vast knowledge. Thank you so much for all your support

  • Hi Bob,

    Thank you for your reply. If you are asymptomatic does that mean that you are just unaware of the symptoms, or that you do not have an irregular pulse or that because you do not feel it you do not take your pulse. So a doctor feeling your pulse would note it even if you yourself do not?

  • Yes you will have all the usual irregular pulse etc but just not be aware of it. Those people are lucky in some respects as they don't suffer the panic and angst of events.

  • Hi

    Yes I am one of those. My AF came on so slowly in my 30/40s that I never actually feel the lumping and bumping, apart from odd times at night. Mine is chronic 24/7 but apart from usual symptoms of OOB, fatigue etc. I would never know I was in AF.

    I have been on Sotalol, and now Bisop (2.5mg) and none of these have ever stopped the AF, and my pulse is always irregular. But HR is usually around 60-70.

  • Hi

    I have PAF and cycle between fast tacky AF, a rate controlled flutter and a slow Bradycardic NSR (each lasting days/weeks). When I'm in tacky AF with my heart racing, erratic and going up to 200 bpm, I have to take Metoprolol (a beta blocker) to control my rate and this seems to bring heart rate down to <100 but make it regular, but I'm not in NSR. When rate controlled it's safe enough and a lot easier to live with, you don't feel your heart in the same way as when in tacky AF so you might well not know as Bob says.

    Possible it's doing something similar.


  • Mine is exactly as you Jo and medicate with same pill , as and when , certainly a mixed up bag of symptoms is AFib x

  • Hi Jo,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Just to be sure are you saying that you know when you go into AF because of the fast and irregular pulse but after taking Metoprolol you then get a slower and REGULAR pulse when you feel it. How do you then know when an event stops? Sorry to ask again but I am very interested in what you have to say.


  • Hi Joyce

    I will send you a private message as I get a bit ling winded.


  • You can be symptomatic and asymptomatic, because I was. Usually my symptoms were very pronounced, thumping heart, jumping, bumping. When in hospital after a few days I got so fed up and I felt fine. I asked the nurse if I could discharge myself and she said OK but first would I like to go and see my ECG (I was on a permanent monitor). I went down to the monitor room, had a look, it was a right mess but I couldn't feel it, so I decided not to discharge myself !!!



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