can see the light

after 3 yrs since diagnosed with AF i now feel i have rejoined the human race. I had cardioversions, ablations and every test under the sun. Each corner turned presented a new obstacle. Last December a cox maze procedure and open heart surgery to remove a 6 by 7 cm tumour from my atria septum and another area, was i thought the last hurdle had been surmounted. Well more drugs and a pacemaker followed. The drugs working on the arrythmias well. Then pacemaker check revealed my own pacemaker is not functioning at all so now two parts of it are programmed one to stop my heart rate from dropping and another part to raise it on exertion. I have this week returned to the gym a big loss in my life i am on a high. No my heart not functioning fully but hey ho i feel great. Keep plodding on folks its often worth the wait Good luck to you all especially Beancounter xxx

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  • Good news is always welcome.


  • This sounds so good, frills, and really encouraging. What a turbulent time you've had! Makes us with a tiny bit of rhythm disorder now and then and not very often look like very limp lettuces.

  • Cheers bob and remlin I posted to offer hope everyone has their own things to deal with . Keep smiling folks if or when you can xx

  • That's great to hear... Always good to hear good news! :)

  • Good news Frills, great to hear it.

  • Wow you have had a tough few years thank you for such a positive post. so good to hear your feeling great gives the rest of us hope.

  • Great news and an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for posting.

  • Very good news, frills - enjoy your gym workouts!

    Best wishes xx

  • You have done well to get through all that- take care

  • Your tenacity is remarkable.... congratulations, take care.

  • Really pleased for you. Enjoy the gym :-)

  • Sounds like you've been hit by 2 trucks! And what an encouraging inspiring post! Yes I want the gym too I really miss it. Thanks for motivating me! Take care :-)

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