Ablation#2 update

So basically after my ep study yesterday my ep found absolutely nothing wrong with my hearts electrical system. It was fixed in my first ablation . so, basically im making my self so anxious and upset that I get the sinus tachycardia (NORMAL but FAST) I'm just happy I had a doctor that wanted to make sure . he was happy there was nothing but now he says its up to my gp to help with the anxiety . I'm sure I have anxiety due to svt . could anything else MEDICALLY wrong cause sinus tachycardia??? JW

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  • It's no shame being scared or nervous, try yoga it helps you calm down and will improve your flexibility! Lol

  • Well thats wonderful news about your heart dear but it sounds like panic attacks Lulu.. I used to get a lot of anxiety when I was your age for different reasons...my daughter is the same..see your Doc and have a chat!

  • I think some people on the forum have started to have atrial tachycardia after having an ablation so hope they will share their experience and knowledge with you

    take care

    best wishes,


  • Hello Lulu91. I wake up nearly every night with a fast heart rate which often turns into AF. I now do some deep breathing exercises which work well and if you exhale slowly and focus it slows your heart rate. I bought the book 'Relaxation for Dummies' which contains a lot of useful information. I am waiting for my ablation with trepidation :)

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