I took Q10 for a year or so in NZ on the advice of a friend who operates as a Naturopath, he said it could help heal any damage caused by anti biotic use. I don't remember feeling any effects but that may be normal. He did mention that "good" q10 is hard to come by.!?

I wonder if anyone know's how to get an independent check on such a product in the UK?

I'm currently giving them another try: amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Abs... . To help counter any ill effects from Warfarin.. but like most , am totally in the dark as to their potency.. I'm sure most here would agree in the need to know if the product is pure and contains "good" Q10.

Any suggestions from the very knowledgeable folks on here.?

Also interesting I believe:Here is the link to the first of 11 part cure for cancer, pass it on to your friends and family, I think it is very important having watched his first series earlier this year.


This also points us all to healthier lifestyles

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  • This is already being discussed on another thread. Please look that up as there are some interesting angles.

  • sorry bob what do you refer to?

  • Q10 was discussed yesterday from memory/

  • Correct Bob. My post was in response to that.

  • Try Nature's Best or Higher Nature. Both have very good reputations, and are very careful with their products.

  • They probably are but noone really knows?

  • My Naturopath recommended Lamberts CQ10 - but who knows!!

  • Lamberts is the only one which manufactures to the same levels as pharmaceuticals, apart from Boots, your Naturopath is spot on. This is my preference and they have a great website and excellent telephone help line. Probably not the cheapest though.

  • Thanks CDreamer , good to know that.

  • Pharma Nord co-enzyme Q10 Ubiquinol 100 mg

  • Pharma Nord co-enzyme Q10 Ubiquinol 100 mg

  • I use Tesco's lol.

  • G'day fuzzflyer,

    I use a Pharma Nord product, 'Bio-Quinone Q10' GOLD 100 mg - costs me £30.36 for 60 capsules. I also use Nordic Naturals Wild Arctic D Cod Liver Oil ( 473 ml for £25.00) . I was recommended to use these by the Nutritionist I consulted to help stabilise my AF.

    Some 4 months after I was diagnosed with AF I identified the onset of an bout of AF with food and digestive issues. My GP checked me out for IBS and Coeliac Disease (because many of my symptoms resembled these conditions) and gave me the all clear. I was offered more tests but declined.

    Instead I went and consulted a Nutritionist who prescribed the above having taken into account all my NHS medication. She also advised me on a diet (going Gluten Free and adopting the FODMAPS diet). Although I get occasional palpitations I now cannot recall my last AF event.

    I am aware I pay over the odds for my Q10 and Cod Liver Oil but having looked at the ingredients of these compared to off the shelf stuff in supermarkets and health food stores they are more appropriate for me.


  • Good info John, your Nutrionist's advice on taking out gluten works for me. Could I ask did he/she say 100% gluten free or is 90% OK?

  • G'day orchardworker,

    To begin with 100 % gluten free and it was like this for the best part of a year. Nowadays - another 3 plus years down the track I suppose I am about 80 - 85 % gluten free. Like the whole bloody AF thing its a bit of a personal journey requiring patience and experimentation. This is just not bread, its everything, i.e. no real ales at all. The only lagers I can take would be Peroni and Tiger, occasionally I can venture off track a bit to San Miguel Fresca. Gravy - virtually none and then only much watered down. If I have bread at all best its made from sour dough. No porridge ! Rice is best - breakfast cereals are a pain, just about only Rice products, occasionally I'll have Frosties but that's all.

    I'm not in a hurry to get back to a normal diet - this works and so long as I stay AF free then I'm happy to live with this.


  • Does anyone know how to get any of these products ,independently tested for quality?

  • Hi Ian Foster. CoQ10.

    Still a big favourite of mine.

    In the past I used a naturally fermented product - and this is the first most important factor - forget any of the synthetically produced products. This is an energy nutrient and nature provides a far more energetic form for our body than any lab produced form.

    And then there are the actual types - these days people talk of Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. The product I use is a naturally fermented liquid that has both these forms as well as many other cofactors. it contains both water and fat soluble forms of CoEnzyme Q10 and is very potent!. GB.


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