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To BobD

Thanks so much for your help I was getting on the site via a saved email

so its much easier your way. Do you think I will ever get posts daily as I

used to, I know I am now reading them easier but still feelsnot quite as

involved. I do hope you get this message, I couldnt access the site where

I read your reply so this was a last resort. By the way just got ablation date

1st September, I go into af just thinking about it and getting some sleep

is a thing of the past. Oh dear sleep was difficult because of af now its the

worry of ablation, fright actually, and my better half saying youll be right

isnt really helping. Thanks once again Bob just appreciate the contact.

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Matter of interest - I used to get posts on here delivered direct to my ISP Inbox - haven't had this luxury for some weeks now. I either access Health Unlocked through my laptop or tablet.

Don't get a bloody thing now. On my laptop I've gone into settings and made sure all the right boxes have the right ticks - no different at all. Useless. I now don't even bother to go into AFA website - just go direct to HealthUnlocked (on my favourites) and get in that way - when I have time to scroll through all posts. Thing is I miss stuff I know I do because I'm too busy at work and when I get home can't be bothered to get on here - whereas - when I received posts to my Inbox I skipped through, read what I was interested in and deleted stuff I wasn't.

My tablet is another matter - I get part of the pages in English and the actual post in Portugese. Again, I've gone into settings on my tablet and made sure the settings there were the same as my laptop. Makes no bloody difference.

The old Yahoo Groups system (with all its flaws, and there were many) was much superior to this.


Aussie John


Sorry you having trouble as well but at same time Im pleased Im not being singled out as nobody else has complained, I noticed it happened when

they said changes were happening, they certainly were. I do exactly as you but its not as useful when you dont get posts direct. Shirlygirly


Yeah shirlygirly .... that would be about right - when they made last lot of changes it seemed to go pear shape ! To be honest this is about the first time I've had time to get on here and read up on stuff


That is definately weird!


Hi shirlygirly I don't get notifications either I've got to go fishing around to see what people have posted and also I ticked the box for getting replies straight to my inbox but it hasn't registered.That's great news you got your date for your ablation I was the same as you but I did it and am waiting for my second one. You can do it dear many on here have. I'm sure the doctors and nurses will carry you through the whole thing. :-)


So pleased to hear from you especially, I have followed your posts most

carefully and I appreciate that you have gone into so much detail. I

think I know what to expect but I guess Ill get to know the detail

at the assessment, the 29th August. Lucky for me Im on holiday for

two weeks on the 11th so hopefully my mind will be diverted. Also

very lucky a glass of wine does not seem to effect the af so that

will help. Seriously reading other peoples experiences does help

as you must have found out for yourself so thank you for that and

Ill certainly be waiting for your next post.



I've never had notifications to my email as I don't want the hassle of deleting them all. This forum is so busy that the posts would fill up my mailbag! I just log in, click on my name, select newsfeed, and scroll down reading the new posts in any conversation that interests me (which is most, if not all, of them).




One of the issues I hope newcomers will see... the "old" pros know already...

If one wishes to respond directly to the person whose post you are remarking, you must reply in that person's reply box. Then we do receive a note saying we have a "dialogue", if we respond to the original post, then we do not get any notices. I often find out someone has responded to me, but within the original thread and not directly to me. I am not as faithful as some of you generous volunteers and I don't always return to read the threads.

MORAL... if you want to respond directly to a remark, hit the reply button to the person who made the post and that person will be notified that there is a direct response. (if they have checked off that option in their profile).

If I have bungled this- someone let me know!


Hi Iris,

That's one reason why I always scroll through the newsfeed. I feel I'm less likely to miss something. As you say it is so easy to press reply and actually reply to the wrong person, meaning that your part of the thread is out of sequence and is easily missed.


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Iris's point is well made, I always get a direct to email if someone posts on a thread I started or the reply button in my box, but not otherwise.

I also signed up for and still get the daily email with all the regular new thread posts but agree that not seeing every post on the newsfeed now means you don't know if anyone has posted recently on an old thread and I did complain about that but nothing happened.


For Bob D...what is the date of the meet at the Hankridge and what time, please?


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