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My cortisol level is too high (men can produce I understand up to x7 normal late afternoon/evening) an this is affecting my sleep and possibly AF. My Alternative Practitioner suggested L-Theanine but I have not taken this as I think I read somewhere it can affect AF. Anybody had any experience with this supplement - I appreciate it is in Green tea? Thanks!

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I tried L-Theanine amongst lots of other supplements recommended by various people when I had AF a few years ago. It made no difference to my AF or my sleeping pattern. So give it a go if you want but I would be very surprised if it works, I'm afraid!



Thanks Mark, hope your AF is under control now.


Hi Orchardworker

I presume you have AF, and I also presume that you are on some sort of drugs with the AF. If so then I could not recommend any supplement whatsoever without medical advice, too many of the drugs we take could have interactions that you did not expect.

Green tea for example, in too big amounts can be contrary to anti-coagulants, which part of the tea I have no idea.

Chat to your GP before taking it



Thanks Ian.


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