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Android App for Monitoring

Hello fellow AFib sufferers. I'm in my fifth decade as a computer programmer and have been frustrated at the lack of mobile applications to help me with my AFib - so I wrote one and have shared it up on Google Play if anyone else in the group is Android user and is interested. It's called HeartChart and of course it's free. You can read about why I wrote this in a blog entry I posted at

But the short of it is that I find that the chest straps that measure heart rate often do not reflect rapid changes in the heart rate: when I'm walking or otherwise working out some. However, most of these devices do measure the "RR Interval" which is the time between beats and is therefore a better measure of irregular heart patterns.

This little application will use one of the new Bluetooth Low Energy (change the battery every year or so) heart monitors that also measure RR (most do) and report heart rate, RR rate, and the average and standard deviation for the past minute.

This is not a medical device and should not be used to make health decisions. However, I find it very interesting to see how the RR and Heart Rates change preceding an AFib adventure and how the RR changes when I get that fluttery feeling in my neck or chest. Of course, as they say, "your mileage may vary".

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I'll be using the Omron HGC 801 hand held monitor as I've been issued it by the hospital during a trial I guess that must be considered fairly accurate as they will use this to download my rhythms on a daily basis. I only have to do a 30second one each day and if I get anything dodgy happening after my ablation or before it if necessary!


Thank you jbruce... Any chance of a version for the iPhone? :)



Hi Lis,

Unfortunately no. Apple's terms make it very difficult to justify writing a "free" application and I gave up the iPhone and moved to Android a couple of years ago and don't see ever going back to iPhone or iPad for my personal use. Sorry.



Sound interesting, will definitely have a good look.

Thanks for that.


Thanks for working on this I will try it. I would like to have some way to measure what is happening during episodes


I cannot view the blog...

Can you try the link please, is it just me?


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