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Is anybody using the above app from Apple store. I have emailed myself the results to take to the GP. Before I do I just wondered what others thought of this app as I always worry about looking silly doing something like this. It is showing lots of irregularities in my pulse. The reason I am doing, is every time I visit GP to complain about new symptoms he takes my pulse and says it's fine, which frustrates me as this is only in the moment. I would be happy to know what others think of this app, it's free if you come across it.



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  • The reviews aren't very good !

  • Which reviews did you read, the ones on app itself are good to excellent . It's the one by MacroPintch Ltd

  • Yes, that app, it's the only one I get if I search for Cardiograph in the store itself. There are 5 reviews in the App Store, one x 2 star, four x 1 star.


  • It always "jumped ship" on me when I was in Afib.... if it was a small irregularity in the beginning of an episode it showed up. But it kept restarting when I was in Afib.

    One that I liked that showed things better (still restarts) but you have a better read and a better image was the app:

    Heart Rate

    Again, it records an image (nothing like an ECG) but even my doctor saw and said, oh yes, ectopics or Afib.

    when I was in Afib, if I was persistant and let it keep restarting often I would get something registered on the iPhone.

    Hope you find one that helps, I swear by Alivecor!

  • Thank you, your responses are helpful. When I am in Afib I noticed it just keeps coming up with error and I have to keep restarting. I too kept restarting and eventually it would get a reading which captured some of the irregularities. I will feel more confident taking the print outs into the GP now. Thank you :)

  • Exactly, the restarts, unless you are moving too much are usually a telltale sign of something awry! I still found "heart rate" more helpful having used both of those apps. I hope your GP is able to head you in the right direction. If not, keep looking until you get the answers you need!

  • Thanks Iris xx

  • For me the Cardiograph App worked great....unless i was in AF, in which case it didn't work at all. So it was more of a fun toy than a helpful tool. In related news, I bought the new blood pressure cuff that works with the iPhone. Just put the cuff on your arm and press START on your phone and the result is graphed permanently on a phone app. It's pretty cool.

  • I was looking at this new product, I am saving up for it as it looks good especially that it spots AF

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