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4months since ablation

I have felt pretty good most of the time since the op, having a few a/f episodes a day thinking the procedure has worked. I have been on the bike a few times just on the flat and have felt great,no bad head or heavy legs .then after a bike ride 2weeks ago I went down hill being off work 2days feeling ill. This week I felt great even on Friday when I was first in work,ready for a good weekend when an hour later I was feeling ill dizzy,ice cold hands,bad head etc.i, went home via dr,s who gave me another ECG , that showed nothing ,as usual! I was told to go and rest. I,am feeling a bit better 2days later. Am I being in to much of a rush to recover ? Or should I be ok by now ?

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It is still quite early but since your doctor did an ecg which didn't show AF them maybe you have another problem. WE always blame po0r old AF for everything but we do get ill otherwise.



After 3 months you should be pretty much back to normal with your standard exercise routine. As Bob says, it sounds like something different. Can you take your own pulse? Is it regular? Did you have a temperature? Your problem could be a whole host of things including various types of flu.



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