No point of 3rd ablation????

Be taken off flecainde for less than a week and on droneadone, it doesn't work, I've been get af all day, allow not fast af but still af, I went to A&E and the young consultant doctor says " yeah it looks like you have or gonna have Permanant af, and it would be pointless having a 3rd ablation". I told her I was 90% nsr on flecainde, and it was only 3mths since my ablation, so I might be back on flecainde? Feel like utter crap!

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  • Don't take the doctors word for it. Speak with your EP but it is still early days.


  • What is a ep? Was that who done my ablation? Sorry for being thick!

  • Yes

  • I can't understand how I was af free for 6yr after my first ablation and after my second I'm worse off than I was before, does this mean something else is causing it if even ablation won't clear it? Really gutted!

  • You may well still have inflamation in your heart as it is still early days post ablation. Don't get down about it I'm sure things will improve.


  • Cheers BobD

  • We;; I'm not medical, but from what I know I wouldn't take that from a young consultant in A&E. If an EP says it to me, fine, but nothing less. Sounds like, to put it professionally, a load of cobblers to me. Apart from anything else there's loads of other drugs to try and if Flecainide works for you how can the AF be "permanent", i.e. untreatable?


  • Cheers koll. The flecinade kept me almost af free till my ablation then I had episodes every day, but not permanent. The dronedarone just made me hot plus sweaty sick & diarrhoea plus gave me slow af for a full day! Worried I will go permanent af what next??? I've heard magnesium citred helps??

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