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Really bad spell of palpitations and chest pain

Really bad spell of palpitations and chest pain resulting in admission to hospital. Stabilised overnight and monitoring showed st elevation. on review with consultant have to have another angiogram. I have been doing really well had an ablation November last year but the palpitations have been more frequent and last episode had really bad chest pains. A bit worried since this episode have not been feeling to well get really tired and dull ache in chest when walking?

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Exactly the same thing happened to me recently. I had an angiogram before leaving hospital as my blood test showed signs of a heart attack but no problem with my heart structure showed up so the pain was put down to atrial tachycardia. I was prescribed Diltiazem in addition to Propafenone.

I was wiped out for a week afterwards but then I slowly began to get fitter. I still hit a wall on hills but if I pace myself I can do what I want. I do have asthma as well so it is not easy to be sure why I get out of breath.

I would just be careful to listen to your heart until you have the angiogram. It must be very disappointing to have these symptoms now and I hope something can be done to help soon.


I recall earlier this year my GP put me on Propafenone 80 mgs twice a day I was walking around the supermarket and suddenly got chest crush pains clutching my chest I managed to stagger out with my shopping got down the road then it went......took my meds at the same time and the same thing happened the next day at around the same time so I stopped taking them.........check that your meds are the correct dosage as the dosage I got given was far to gobsmackingly high for me and caused the chest pain...its probably got nothing whatsoever to do with your situation but might be worth a check.......just a suggestion


Wow Loo. 80mgs too high.? Normal dose is 150 mgs x 2 or even 3 and I was often on a lot lot more than that. just shows how different we all are. Only problem I ever had on propafanone was metallic taste all the time.


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