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When in AF

Hello All, This is the First time I've posted anything on this forum but I find it very interesting reading about you all.

I was diagnosed with AF Since 2007 and its been a bit of a rocky road for me , I wont bore you with all the details.!!

Can I just say that when I read about some of you that are in permanent AF ,Can you feel your Heart out of rhythm ?.

The reason I have asked this is when I have a episode of AF its like that I can feel every missed beat , the only way I can describe this its like having Hiccup's . This can last between 4 Hours and 48 Hours. and so tired.

When I resume NSR its like winning the lottery . At the moment I take 1x Digoxin a day 125mg and 2x Flecainide 50 mg a day. This seems to have kept it at Bay (fingers crossed).

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Hi Highcloud and welcome

I'm in persistent (continuous) AF, can I feel my heart out of rhythm? sometimes, but I am so used to it I ignore it most of the time.

Can't remember what NSR feels like, so really can't comment on winning the lottery, and yes of course do get tired most days in the afternoon.

Does this help?



Diagnosed in 1992 and even back then I was not always aware I was out. It is only when that slope becomes a mountain that you realise it is not ticking a good beat. Every now and then it gives me a 12.5 gun salute just to remind me it is still there.

We are all very different and react to it in different ways. I have learnt to slow down and not to panic as that will not help at all. If it is playing up then I call for a GP appointment. Went to A&E once but I had a heart attack so was one of my better decisions.

Be Well


I was in AF for a year (before my CV ). After a while I forgot the irregular beating and hardly thought about it. Like living near a railway, you soon don't hear the trains at all!


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