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Is this AF?

I have been off all meds for 3 months, I have/had P.A.F for over five years. have felt well apart from a few flutters sort of thing, but last week I felt exhausted all week nodding off as soon as I sat down, yesterday felt breathless most of the day, and have had headache for day's. Do one any have any advice. Seeing Cardiologist on the 20th of may. Many thanks

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Hi Kazzy - Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too good. I guess no one but you yourself can really guess what is happening to make you feel so tired. What has your pulse been doing throughout this week and do you take it manually or do you have a machine to record? I know that when I'm in AF, like you, I feel extremely tired especially in the afternoons. I would describe it as a feeling like I've been drugged! Also have the breathlessness, but not the headache. Thank goodness you're seeing your cardiologist in a few weeks time, but you know what will happen then don't you - you will have had a few days beforehand feeling on top of the world! I'm seeing my cardiologist this Friday and yes, I've been feeling amazingly well. Just over a week ago I had 5 days of being in PAF - it's sods law! So we go and say we're feeling quite well now, but days later wham back into AF!

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Hi thanx for the reply my pulse as been around 100 taken on my phone with an app i have, not sure how good it is, before I was diagnosed with paf I had bad headaches and black out's so just a bit concerned, I was taken off meds to see what happens when iI get an attack


You should be able to tell if it is AF as your pulse will be very erratic as well as fast. It could be atrial tachycardia if your pulse is steady and fast. On the other hand it could be a virus as I have been feeling totally exhausted and having to really push myself to get anything done for about a week. It seems to be getting better as I did a load of strimming up on my hill today before the rain came as well s varnish the bog door.



Thank you for your help.


Hi. I of course am not trying to diagnose you, but will tell you my experience. I had the same symptoms, had AFib but it was not officially diagnosed. I was feeling the same way you are and had a seizure. When your heart is out of rhythm for what ever reason the blood can pool in the heart and your brain is deprived of blood and oxygen. This can cause a seizure or worse a stroke. My personal opinion is that you should go to the emergency room when you have these symptoms. I suffered with AFib for 10 years before it was diagnosed. Now since I am on Pradaxa and seizure meds and had cryo ablation done and on small dose of mytoprolol and Propafonone I am doing really great. Have a flutter once in a while, but can handle that. Don't hesitate to call and tell you dr you are not well and make them take care of getting your life back on track. Good luck.


I had similar symptoms - including constant headaches - ended up in hospital with a suspected heart attack but it was AF. Don't tough it out!


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