Has anyone with paroxysmal AF and private health insurance been able to transfer private health insurance provider ?

Interested to hear about other AF private health insurance patients in the UK who have been able to transfer between providers. If you have been locked into the provider, what's your annual increase in % terms of the premium. Have you had to give up the policy because of excessive cost increases?

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  • Not sure this is relevant but I had insurance and later developed AF. This was treated privately, including an ablation. Then I stopped the insurance (change in employment). Now I have insurance again (BUPA) but it excludes arrhythmias. By the way I was with BUPA before as well, but the break and a new policy meant I could not have continued cover, so I'd imagine no new insurers will take on an existing risk (other than at very high cost maybe?).


  • I have just switched from BUPA to AVIVA - they had an open acceptance of all pre conditions - surprising but true

  • mmmmmm....I'm going to try Aviva. Thanks. Koll

  • I had private insurance when my af started and they covered everything. Sadly my husband retired and the insurance went with it. Haven't tried any others except travel insurance, but have always got cover for af with that


  • I found out the HMCA also take transfers for AF patients.

    Kind regards

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