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Artic Front Cryo Ablation Balloon

I am scheduled to have an Artic Front Cryo Balloon ablation in two weeks time. I will be having a TOE just prior to the ablation . I had a RF ablation two years ago which was affective for eighteen months. I am feeling a bit nervous as I tend to suffer from very low blood pressure afterwards which has scary symptoms. I will report back on how it goes. Regards to all and thanks for help and advice in the past.

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Good luck with the procedure Earledavis- let us know how you get on please



Good luck with the ablation. I've had three cryo balloon ablations. Yes, my bp has been low afterwards, but we have to take things easy after a procedure like this, so don't push yourself and don't worry about symptoms; at least you know what they are.

As for the TOE, did you have this before the rf ablation? It's uncomfortable but not unbearable, and doesn't take long.

I'm envious of the eighteen months effectiveness of your rf ablation - I've only ever managed five clear months. I hope the next procedure works well for you.


Thanks for your good wishes Geordielass


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