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Has anyone been told they have heart hypokinesis? I had " basal mid-anteroseptal hypokinesis " show up on an echo late last year. Seems it

is where the heart muscle is not moving as it should in that area. A cardiologist said that if I had lots of "patches " like that, then treatment would be started, but not to worry about just one. He said statements generated by the echo are often " subjective " - not sure quite what he meant, as surely an echo is objective? It seems that my PAF is the likely culprit as I've not had a heart attack to my knowledge and my coronary arteries are clear, thankfully. Not too happy about this hypokinesis, but have to see it as wear and tear, I suppose.

Would be interested to hear from members if they have had any trouble from this and what the treatment might be?

Many thanks - and good wishes to all!

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I have apical akinesia not sure if that's the same thing, by definition it sounds it



Thanks Eileen, it sounds very similar - yours at the top of the heart, mine at the base. Have you needed any specific treatment for it?

Regards, Penny.


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