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Has this forum replaced the old Yahoo Group?

I wondered why I wasn’t receiving regular ‘digests’ to my email, from the Yahoo Group. Went searching for the Yahoo Group home page, and it appears to have disappeared. I remember Yahoo were upgrading things, and there was a problem with A-F-A’s group, and that I think was the last I heard.

How do you search on previously discussed topics on here?

I’m not understanding the difference between ‘Questions’ and ‘Posts’ (the tabs at the top of the page).

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Hi Onezone

The two forums ran together until around 3 months ago when the AFA pulled out of the Yahoo forum due to some technical issues with changes to the forum. So this is it now.

You can get email updates from this forum, if you go to your "account" and set them.

In theory Posts should be generally updates from the AFA etc and questions what they say, but that's not really used so you will find everything in both to be honest.

You can search for any phrase or word in the top right hand corner, it lists by date.

You will find the "threads" easier to follow here than Yahoo, as answers are chronological, but this is NOT a fully moderated forum like Yahoo, posts here go live when you submit them, not after a moderator has looked at them.

Good luck



Hi onezone,Don,t know if we,ve replaced the yahoo group but the posts are just for letting people know how you are getting on,if you,ve had some tests for eg


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