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New to this and started Verapamil

Hi all

I have been diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. Went in for an ablation but he couldn't continue after 4 burns as I went in to AFib and he couldn't map the pathways. Long story short I have to go back and do it all again.

He discharged me with a prescription for 180 mg of verapamil and if that didn't help my SVT then he said get GP to up the dose to 240mg. Well I waited a week and it didn't work, so I started today on 240mg SR. my question is How long does it usually take to work as my heart is hammering like a dwarf mining for ore and I am getting mighty sick of it.

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Verapamil should work quite quick, within an hour or two. Intravenously it's almost instant. Oral is slower. You might try something else.


Thank Pip_pip. I have been on the 180mg SR for a week so I thought upping the dose today to 240mgSR may have worked quickly. I guess I need to go back to GP and see what he says or ring cardiologists office in the morning. It has had no effect whatsoever on the SVT .


Other people here will give you further info about about options and how to go forward. Phil


I found Diltiazam helped, as an alternative. In fact I think its an amazing drug, but everybody is different. I had an option, verapamil or Diltiazam. I know Diltiazam from prior times of difficulty, and found it worked with me well.


Thanks Phil I think I need to leave a message tomorrow for cardiologist to see what to do next.


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