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Can anyone help me I am on xarelto, amidorane , Carvedilol,losartan,and spironolactone and have started to gain weight with no dietary changes, hair is starting to fall out, also having terrible breast tenderness (post menopause) ....headed to see Dr on Friday. Presently not in AFib it's been two and half months since last episode....I want to get off the meds other than history of high blood pressure in fact it's always been low, no cholesterol problems two weeks ago stress test showed my heart is back to normal EF

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  • Hi I am taking Xarelto and was taking Losartan. No issues weight gain, hair loss or anything else I am aware of with Xarelto. Definite hair loss with Loartan. I dont take it any more. Breast tenderness is something I have post menopause but not down to meds, I dont think so anyway.

  • Hi Terri, The weight gain and hair loss are classic signs of thyroid problems. It is very common to have thyroid issues after menopause so I am sure your doc will test you for that. Also talk to your doc about how much exercise you can do because if we don't change our diets and eat a little less and exercise more after menopause weight will creep up. As for the breast tenderness, are you a big consumer of caffeine? Whether it is coffee, tea, or chocolate that can definitely make for sore breasts in many women. Be well !

  • Thank you, I know that all these can occur, but I have always had my thyroid tested due to family problems......I am six years post and all these just started after 4 months on these meds....have never taken any medications prior to AFib being found this past september

  • Usually if you are going to get side effects they come on fairly quickly, so 4 months might be quite a long time for them to be due to the drugs. Warfarin can sometimes effect thickness of hair.


  • Amidorane builds up in your body over time, trying to determine is that is the cause of my problem, also know spironolactone can mess with hormones...just wondered if anyone has had any problems with these two drugs

  • Just wanted to update....incase it can help anyone else. The swollen and tender breasts is caused by the spironolactone. So the Dr. Took me off it. The weight twin and hair loss possibly is from the Amiodorone effecting my thyroid. But I have to go to my GP for a blood test appointment on Tuesday.

  • Hi TerriN. I started on carvedilol 10 years ago and immediately put on weight for no reason. it will stabilise and this is mentioned as a side effect of the drug. Have been on Eltroxin for a few years for an underactive thyroid but was put on amiodarone 15 months ago and have noticed that my hair has thinned. Also it builds up in your body and lays down a pattern on your corneas after a few months. Optician said to get a good pair of sunglasses as your eyes can become sensitive to sunlight. Also on Lasix, Aldactone, Losartan Potassium and Warfarin (is it any wonder we have problems!!) Good luck!

  • Thank you, knew I wasn't going nuts with the weight gain, two years ago let 59lbs, so I watch what is consumed so I knew it had to be the meds. Knew the side effects of Amiodarone and my doctor wants to strengthen heart and get me off of it before a year is up. My heart function is normal and I have been back in Rythmn thanks to the Amiodarone ....go back in July and hopefully I can go off most of the drugs, except for the xarelto and a beta blocker

  • I was started on Xeralto 4 weeks ago and I have gained 9lbs already. Also sore bloated stomach & headaches. I don't take any other meds!

  • If you are experiencing any side effects that you are concerned about, we would suggest you discuss it with your doctor.. Best wishes, Rachel - Patient Services Associate

  • I wish you luck regarding Amiodarone, I have just had my thyroid checked, and eye tests done, fortunately all is clear, this means I guess from cardiologists point of view, there would be no need to come off Amiodarone, (have been on it for just over 6 months) I still don't like taking it as other organs can be effected, hence the second opinion this year. I had a normal thyroid before taking this medication, and it seems to have gone up considerably, will be getting the original thyroid results (before Amiodarone) next week. I am on 100mgs and it seems to hold it to a degree, but doesn't completely stop the episodes. I am on no other medication, except for blood pressure tablets.

  • They don't have you on a blood thinner? I was in AFib for awhile they did a cardio conversion which only lasted 16 hours, that is when he put me on Amiodorone and scheduled another conversion for three weeks later, but days before I went back into rhythm. I am taking 200 mg a day. But my doctor said he would not keep me on it longer than 6 months. It is a scary medicine...

  • No TerriN I was never given a blood thinner when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago. To be on the safe side I took all herbal blood thinners which I use in my cooking, apparently they don't see me having a high risk for stroke, will be checking again soon. I have been on 2 other medications prior to Amiodarone, which couldn't hold it and was worse than the condition, I have never had a cardioversion, my last full on episode was 6 weeks ago, and didn't need to attend hospital, my condition is SVT/AF both but mainly the fast one (SVT) is the one the medics seem to be concerned about. My cardiologist dropped the Amiodarone from 200mg daily to 100mg daily at my request. I don't like taking this one bit which is why the 2nd opinion for an ablation. You might consider asking for a thyroid check before July so they can see if any drastic change has taken place since the last count. I hope you are seeing an EP and not just your GP Keep well

  • I had a bad cough which long story short sent me to the ER to find I was in AFib,,,,may have been for a few months. After meds wouldn't regulate me they did a TEE when they found a blot clot in my heart. I am in the US seeing a cardiologist ....but he sent me to my GP to have blood work done, cheaper for me than him sending me to a lab. I went from 400 mg twice a day which put back into Rythmn to the now 200 mg. I will call if thyroid is elevated to see if he can decrease it to just 100mg. I hate medicines 55 this is the first time I have ever taken anything that wasn't natural and my body isn't liking it...I need to loose the weight

  • Thanks TerriN I have a bit of a background now, how long have you had Afib, and what other medications did you need to have? was it just for the blood clot and is that now sorted? I'm sorry I don't know what TEE is either. I was put on 600mg per day of Amiodarone gradually decreasing over a 6week period, had nightmares and insomnia, for the first two. My body was drug free also, this is perhaps why I am so much against any drug which plays havoc with other organs, but like I said fortunately everything seems clear but need to have other checks, and will be seeing my cardiologist next week. I was going to put it down to 50mg after Christmas but decided to wait and see until my thyroid test was done. There is a definite need for you and blood thinners, they don't seem to advocate for this in my Australian Hospital, and most likely would suggest you stay on 200mgs due to the other heart problem. I needed to loose weight and this condition spurred me on, as it was after meals this problem seemed to present itself. I looked at everything there was on the internet, in connection with food and found many triggers or other things my body was not liking either. Since then have lost weight, over 11kg after trying for around 6 months when I went Gluten Free Bread. I do Tai Chi and have stopped and started over a period of 1 year this seems to help me both physically and mentally as everyone seems to have some problem with their health. I am now under a dietician, but I don't think I am loosing any more weight at the moment, will see sometime this week. Keep well

  • I have had heart flutters prior to this past October, but the Dr never found anything. I also have none of the precursors to AFib, no high blood pressure, cholesterol etc... But I went into AFib probably during the summer only when it started effecting my regular heart function and I got fluid build up around me heart and lungs...I ended up in ER at the hospital. That's is when they determined I had AFib. A a TEE is the test where they send a camera down your throat to check the heart to make sure you have no blood clots before they shock you.

    I had the weird dreams, nightmares too....

    Here in the US is you have AFib they put you on blood thinners Xarelto, or the like because they say you are more likely to have a stroke. Heart not pumping right while u r in AFib....

    Going for the thyroid test on Tuesday.....and starting the diet in the morning.....

  • Thanks for the info, hope you go well for thyroid test, gosh you had lung problems also. Amiodarone is not so good for people with lung problems, might be worthwhile to have this checked at some stage. I will be asking about blood thinners when I get a 2nd opinion soon.

    Good luck on your diet

  • Thank helped me not think I was crazy about the weight. Lungs have been checked they are good, it was just that my heart wasn't pumping strong enough and there was fluid build up...but that caused a cough which saved my life, the cough made me go for a chest X-ray that lead to a ct scan, which sent me to the Emergency room.....they found that blood clot which could have caused a stroke..... So my angels were watching over me..... Good luck to you

  • Hi TerriN, try to avoid salty foods as can contribute to fluid retention which is weight which isnt fat. weigh urself every morning first thing and this will give you your true weight. As regards thinners I was started on Pradaxa then changed to Warfarin post op. was also started on 1200mg amidarone which has now been reduced to 200mg daily - had weird dreams and insomnia. Its an awful drug but im on it 15 mths now but hoping to be taken off it eventually - u have to stick with it. have had 3 ablations also in the last year - 3rd time lucky. keep positive and take care. sending you a mental lucky shamrock for St.Patricks Day!

  • You are a lucky thing to have wonderful angels watching over you, no you are not mad its the shock of it all, leaves you numb at times. Keep well

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