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I am in my second bout of AF, I was succesfully cardioverted four years ago and have enjoyed four good years of being in a normal sinus rhythm, unfortunatly i recently went back into AF and awaiting my appointment to see my arhythmia nurse in clinic to discuss my options, I have done a small amount of reserch and need advice on which way to go next as I want a more permenent solution instead of a quick fix, I am currently taking one 1.25 mg bisoprolol and being warfrinated next week, so i was wandering with the wealth of expiriences out there, what would you all recomend?

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  • Ablation. no question in my view, but above all, get to see an EP who is the only type of doctor properly qualified to advise you. Rhythm control drugs may help but are seldom a permanent solution..


  • I agree it,s looking like an ablation,you,r on the lowest dose of bisoprolol,i,m on 2.5 since my ablation but hoping to come off all drugs after seeing my EP next month hope every thing works out for you

  • thank you BobD and argzxon61 for your replys, I really don't want to be taking meds for the rest of my life as I am only 47 thats why i need a more permenent solution as my current episode of AF seems to be affecting me more than the last, plus i really don't want to be going through cardioversion every 4 years

  • I agree with Bob that probably an ablation is the answer, but do take into account it may take more than one to stop the Af. I had 4 and then ended up with a pacemaker and AV node ablation and have still had to remain on some meds. but then I always was akward.Lol Personally if a cardioversion every 4 years could keep me free I would go for it. They are so much quicker and less incapacitating than the ablations

    Good luck with whatever you decide




  • You are lucky heaving 4 years with no AF. If cardioversion can give you another 4 free years that wouldbe great. Ablation is a difficult procedure and you may still be on continuous medication afterwords. Listen to the EP and then make a decision. Kind regards.

  • I had an electric cardioversion a few years ago and it put my heart back into sync ok. However, I had to undergo a major operation for removal of gallstones and the AF returned post op. Another cardioverson has failed and I am back to the starting block. I am on Bisoprolol 10mg and have been on Warfarin for a couple of months. Not too happy about the bleed risk as I also have a history of gastric ulcer ruptures. At the age of 78 I guess every day is a bonus for me but breathlessness reminds me of my age and physical restraints. At least my brain seems ok and like David Beckham I enjoy assembling Lego models . Life is such a bitch at times. But all in all keep happy and relaxed. Best wishes, Brian

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