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Saw consultant yesterday

Yes confirmed AF once more

Referred to warfarin clinic no prob

Stated that though nearing 65 he is still considering another cardio version

However he would like to reduce the BPM from the 110 to 130 as of now and review in 8 weeks time for he is of belief that is we get heart rate to acceptable level - I don't have the shortness of breath etc this may be our best option.

As suffer from asthma the meds choice I'd a tad difficult.

Result is I am changing my BP med felodopine to ramipril 2.5 mg and off beta blocker nebivolol to ditliazem 60mg three times a day !

What he said seemed to make sense

Only downer is recommended weight loss (stone and a half) a a minimum of halving my booze intake

Not heard of this ditliazem before though

Onwards & upwards


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Hi R11

Sounds like great advice, I am on diltiazem, it's a calcium channel blocker rather than a beta blocker and I was switched from Bisoprolol due to the unbelieveable tiredeness I got with that drug. It's fine, very easy to take and no problems, so I wish you well.

But he's also right on the weight and the booze, I'm lucky I drink very little but much too heavy after a winter without enough exercise, and I too need to lose at least that much.

But you sound in good spirits and more power to you

Be well



Yes me too with the weight, though I daren't say how much I need to lose... Best of luck with that! It's good, I think, to have a good reason to help you refuse the biscuits. My hubby's on diltiazem for his high blood pressure and he seems fine on it (poking him to check). Hope all goes well :)



Thanks for that

I have not seen many comments about the drug so was wondering if I was going to develop green skin and go bald etc



I have been on Diltiazem for 3 plus years with no problems at all



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