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See saw blood pressure

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Strange week.Blood pressure was way up for several days,probably due to stress over an ongoing pension issue.185/98/76 or thereabouts.So spoke to GP Wednesday,suggested taking 2.5 bisoprolol as well as my usual losartan.(you may recall I weaned off daily dose of this very recently)

now today,took a reading to see if it had settled,BP 121/59/55 repeated in an hour 125/61/53

How weird! Anyone else had this? I am going away with husband to Portmeirion on Sunday to stay in the lovely hotel there,will go regardless!

I may not post much next week as wifi is terrible there,also phone signal,anothervgood reason to go!

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Mine is often all over the place so I never bother checking it unless asked to by GP.

Enjoy your break but watch out for the big balloon No6.

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wilsond in reply to BobD

Yes indeed! Hubby is a big fan,and i enjoyed it too,hope we get out again!!lol! Thanks

Hope you have a chilled and relaxing time Let your blood pressure unwind with you

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wilsond in reply to Vonnieruth

Thank you! Will force my self to enjoy.ll haha! Its a massive retirement and post-4 yearsof family grief kind of treat we always promised ourselves.Darent book abroard as on ablation list.....hope you are ok love? X

Hi, it's strange how much stress can affect our blood pressure isn't it. Any stress, like a noise in the night and mine goes sky high. I've found that by doing slow deep breathing in and then breathing out quickly through the mouth soon reduces mine.

Hope you have a lovely holiday. North Wales, well the whole of Wales really is a great favourite of mine. Cadair Idris in southern Snowdonia is the place that has totally won my heart.


Thank you Jean..yes am feeling calmer now,wont take reading so Im not fretting.So looking forward to our break,as you know,such a beautiful and up!ifting

I am currently having the same issues. Post ablation , I have had a long spell of 120s / low 80s but recenntly had a lot higher including 160/103 And then after going for a 5 mile run it dropped to 118/82! However the recent trend is higher . I think this is a mixture of work and some personal stress but am just monitoring it as I am concerned if it could be something else( no idea what It could be!)

Is this another coincidence ? They happen so often on this site, most weeks I see a post that relates to me. If I could I would attach my BP reading from yesterday 196/106/95! I too have come of Bisoprolol recently but put on sotalol by my cardiologist last week. Unfortunately I was so distressed when I read the leaflet that I decided to give myself a beta blocker break but it was obviously not a good idea 😥 I took 80gm last night and it's down to 173/97/67 this morning. I wish I could join you in Portmeirion it's so beautiful there. I hope it brings your stress levels down. I'm not sure the six mile walk that my village group has organised for this morning will have the same effect on me.🤔

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wilsond in reply to healme

Thank you healme,hope you settle down soon,and manage to do the walk!

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healme in reply to wilsond

Well that was odd ! I logged in as usual. I am maclan by the way but the reply came back to healme ? I have no idea who that is but it says on their profile that they joined in 2014. Long before I had even heard of healthunlocked. But thanks for your reply anyway. I did do the walk it is a beautiful day out there. Enjoy your trip. Maclan x

My husband is going through similar - again financial issue with HMIR around pension - he had a few dizzy spells because of low BP - went very pale several times and BP went down to 80 systolic - thankfully in GP surgery - so told to wean off meds - 3 days later up to 180. I am sure it is all to do with the stress.

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wilsond in reply to CDreamer

I think so too,its so frustrating trying to communicate with these people! Hopefully by yesterday seemed to have got somewhere with them.Im glad we are going away somewhere peaceful! Hope your husband settles down too.x

Yes he is better, he’s now just monitoring daily and adjusting the dose as required and going back for a review later in the week.

He has now been told that they would be happy to see his BP stable at 140-150 - change of opinion now - they say that anyone over 80 BP is ok up to 155. After 40 years of saying he must get below 130.

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