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Nonsustained paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia and paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia and frequent ventricular ectopic

Nonsustained paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia and paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia and frequent ventricular ectopic

The above mentioned diagnoses had been written in my recent medical report in addition of recurrent atrial flutter which had been treated successfully by ablation last Aug

My doctor is recommending another ablation to treat only the SVT , but never mentioned anything about the VT , he advised me not to worry since it is rare based on my recent holter report and I'm having it since a year back

Actually I feel better after starting sotalol with less ectopic beats , still having rare bad attacks , but I'm really confused and don't know what should be done .

Appreciate any feedback in regard the above mentioned diagnoses ?

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Do I look like hopeless case since not a single feedback since couple of days

I really feel worried and don't know what should I do , I need another opinion


Hi Maitha

Well please don't let the lack of response add to your anxiety, I can only speak for myself, when I say I have no idea how to answer this question. This is not bog standard A Fib (Not that there appears to be any such thing) and appears to be much more about ventricular challenges that atrial which most of us suffer from. I literally do not have enough knowledge to be able to comment for you.

So what would I do?. Well I would do the same as I do for A Fib, I would read as much as I could and try and learn about my condition as much as I can, and then I would ask lots of questions of my Cardio bevause ventricular problems can be more serious that the atrial kind.

I wish you the very best and be well


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Hi Maitha.Ian is right I think the folk on here are a little confused about your condition and therefore don't want to give you an inaccurate answer. That happened to me when I asked a question about using bisoprolol if I had a degree of heart block. At the end of the day your cardiologist is probably the only one who can guide you here. I would ask him how necessary to your good health both now and for the future ,another ablation is. The answer to this would help me to decide.Sending you lots of good wishes. Let us know what he says and what you decide to do. Sending you loads of good wishes.xx

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Thank you both for your kind response

Actually my doctor doesn't consider my case as serious one where I read it is serious , just offered me sotalol or amiodarone , I wonder if this is the only option available .

We have lack of EP doctors in my country , I was trying to read about similar cases and the treatment offered

I'm planning to consult other doctors abroad as soon as possible.

Wish you all the best



Hi Maitha - Sorry, if I had any advice or experience of your condition I would have answered your post. I know I have AF and atrial flutter but that's it. Unlike you I don't know what part of the heart is concerned. I go for my cardioversion next Wednesday 20th. Personally, other than warfarin, I don't like taking tablets on a permanent basis. Until now my AF has always been paroxysmal so I have always used the pill in the pocket method where I can. It's my personal belief that taking tablets all the time makes you feel unwell, but of course we are all different! I do hope you are soon feeling better and I'm always here for you, even if I have no experience of your condition.


Thank you Jean

Actually I'm living normal life with scary symptoms from time to time , my ablation already treated atrial flutter , but I was not aware that I'm having also other problems , even the doctors were concern about my heart monitor during my stay at hospital , where I was laughing telling them not to worry about ectopic beats since it is normal for me but they were not like that for them

After my open heart surgery 13 years back I used to have ectopic beats but didn't know that I'm already diagnosed as VT patient recently

I thought all my problem is flutter only , my EP here didn't offer at all ablation to treat VT , his concern right now is SVT which is nearly daily for less than 30 min

Recently I can differentiate between VT and SVT symptoms , it is more scary , and I think that my main concern is VT and the atrial flutter maybe was minor issue

I'm like you hate long term medication , and suffered from side effects , but right now the only choice offered for me is sotalol and it is causing me migraine and dizziness but it is essential to manage VT which I recently understood it

Hope I will be out of this puzzle safely ;)

Wish you successful cardiversion soon



Maitha, I looked at various sources and they do suggest medication while the exact type of VT/diagnosis is made carefully. They also suggest magnetic ablation on one site so it may be good to ask the person who did your other ablations for advice as it seemed to be quite successful. I think the advice above re reading as many sources as possible will put your mind at rest.

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Thank you Rosy

My EP doctor here informed me that nothing need to be done in regard my VT since it is rare , and I should ignore it

His main concern is my SVT

I will read more about it and I will try to meet other EP consultants abroad for another opinion

Appreciate your kind input

Best regards


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