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AF again

Hi all

Rubbish first post

Had the heart stop and start thing 2 years ago and went well.

Last few weeks thought the asthma was acting up again as short of breath tight chest etc..

Felt shattered yesterday evening and sudden thought was could it be ????

:( yes pulses jumping about as before.

Docs this morning ECG etc and yes AF returned ( rest of heart systems ok)

Urgent appointments being made for warfarin clinic and Dr Balu

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Hi. Sorry to hear this. You have done the right thing coming on to this site. Everyone on here is so helpful and friendly. Good luck with your appointments.


Hello R1100S, Nothing rubbish about your post, sounds like you've acted quickly and caught it early, good luck with appointments. I've only started on this forum recently but had AF for donkeys years, learned more from here than anywhere else, full-stop, end of.

I didn't even know there was an AFA, doh!!!!


Sorry your AF has returned, but if a cardioversion helped last time, then lets hope it will again. Wishing you well again. Jean


Good you noticed it cardioversions are a pain but quick and easy might need a change of meds we are all so different.


Hi - sorry to hear your story, as mine is very similar. I had a cardioversion in 2009, and have been on Amiodarone for about 3 years. I came off it in March and, guess what, the AF has returned! I am now on a waiting list for a catheter ablation, but first have the joys of going back onto warfarin to look forward to.

My electrophysiologist recommended this site, so I'm looking forward to picking up some knowledge and support from the rest of the community.



Thanks for replies

Still a bit down but that's life



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