Phew what a day!!

Started off with a good start to the day, preparing hot food to take down to our local Church Faith Lunch. Got down to the hall, on my feet quite a lot doing this that and the other as one does! Gradually could feel myself going very light headed, weak, life just seemed to be draining away. Sat down good friends were asking, but don't like to create a fuss, eventually drove Back home - not too far - checked BP 158/91 HR57 ( which is exceptional for me usually 42)! Beem home around 3hrs feel so drained out - plus still light headed and breathless. Thank goodness on Pradaxa no TIA, which happened in the past, and Amiodarone keeps the HR at a steady 42. So just sat relaxed - methinks and take it steady. Should have been driving 65/70miles later on today to daughters so that's called off.

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  • Hi Migmog - Sorry to hear about your worrying day. I believe that amiodarone only keeps your pulse low and doesn't do anything for blood pressure. I take amiodarone and my BP once went sky high on it. Your usual pulse rate of 42 sounds very low. What does your doctor say about that?

  • Hi Jean - this is the effect Amiodarone has on me low pulse rate!! Possibly EP has slowed it down to this due to a TIA last year. Thankfully in 2/3 weeks will be monitored by a holster for a week. Hopefully that will pick up any 'blips'!


  • Sorry, but surely it can't be right for your pulse to be that low? You sound like you could be on on the verge of bradycardia. The ideal pulse is between 60-80 and yours is loads below 60. Are you taking your pulse and recording it at 42 or is it your doctor?


  • Seen my GP today,who is very good. Had a chat re pulse also with holter week. She has emphatically emphasized that when I see my EP to ask and ask him for a pacemaker. I told her that for the first hour of a morning the pulse is struggling at 38!! So rest at that point until fit enough to enjoy my porridge and I prunes !! Thankfully the Monday scenario has now quitened down. So a couple of days rest the back to normal - if that's possible for any of us. Will keep all tuned into Holter results and whether it's pacemaker or Chryo Ablation.


  • Second thoughts Jean - better than the Tachycardia which triggered of a TIA just over 18months ago !


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