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Migraine is getting more worse recently

Daily attacks with frequent bad aura , don't know if it is linked to sotalol or my frequent SVT recently

I had migraine since I was 18 mostly triggered by food , but recently it is so annoying , symptoms are worse , today during my migraine attack I forgot how to talk !!!!!!! Couldn't know what word should I use , I thought I will get crazy ! It takes around ten minutes then my mind got on sinus rhythm ! Is it brain AF also ( just kidding )

It never happened to me before

I know it seams so weird , anyone got similar situation? Is it side effect of sotalol or AF ?

I'm only using paracetamol for migraine , and warfarin as well

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I feel for you and thought I'd share this. I suffered with migraines for many years on and off and then for about a year I was getting them every two or three days. I tried several medications from the doctor which just made me drowsy so decided to sort it myself.

About two months ago I changed my diet - drastically. I started to eat only fresh, unprocessed foods. Basically, fruit, veg, nuts, eggs and fish. (I'm a veggie so no meat, but I guess that would have been ok). So, I cut out all dairy (apart from eggs), sugar (which means no processed foods) and flour products. I have not had a migraine since!

I know it's a bit drastic but to be migraine free makes it worth it. Oh, and a word of warning. It acted like a sort of detox so the first few days I experienced a headache (not migraine) and some discomfort in the kidney area, but after that - nothing. I also drink plenty of water.

I only get intermittent AF and am not on regular medication but this new regime has not caused any problems in that respect.

Hope this is of interest to you and hope you feel better soon.


Maitha, migraine is a horrible condition to live with; mine started when I was 12 years old but always ended with being physically sick which brought immediate relief. At puberty the being sick stopped and the headache lasted much longer. After this they became very regular and I just had to put up with them. When I was much older I was told to stop eating cheese this had a real effect and stopped the migraine for a year which seemed like magic! Gradually they started to return. I stopped red wine and the we became veggies but the migraines continued but some were not so bad as before and didn't last as long. Then Ibuprofen came on the scene and it worked like a wonder drug. My migraines became shorter and less severe. It's said that migraines lessen and peter out as one gets older I'm eighty one and still get them occasionally but since being on Flecanide the migraine has almost disappeared . There are a lot of medicines that do not agree with ibuprofen I only take one tablet immediately I feel an attack coming and don't take more.

Nan T I totally agree with you that what you eat has a huge effect on how your body responds to different impulses. We're finding new medical pathways all the time and hoping for cures is not unreasonable.

Feel well soon Maithia. Terjo


I used to get migraines, but they stopped when I went on beta blockers


Odd, we are all women!


Thank you all

I believe that diet has the key impact , I'm avoiding a long list of food but it is becoming longer by age

I will try your diet NanT , it deserve a try to stop all processed food

Thank god cheese is safe for me Tejro , but others like chocolate , banana , nuts are not , I didn't taste it since I was 18

But Actually I was managing migraine fine before my ablation and the use of sotalol

When I was using bisoprolol it was normal , as once a month

Maybe I'm not the type of ppl whom their migraine improves by beta blocker , these days the migraine is sever , vision and tongue are effected badly

Maybe I should discuss this my doctor for alternative drug

Wish you all well


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