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Hi everyone I had my ablation end of july and was due to see the cardiologist end of October which is 3 months. I can't wait to get off the amiodorone (I've been on it 15 months) but was very disappointed to receive a letter today cancelling the oct app to would you believe Christmas eve has anyone else been on amiodorone, after ablation? if so how long after could they come off it (I feel the ablation has worked) karen

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  • Hi Karen, I was on it for a very short time after my first ablation but it is unusual. Amiodarone is usually a last resort drug when all else has failed but I did stay on propafanone for about 8 months after my third (successful) ablation. Many EPs like you to stay on the drug so that the heart can heal without the burden of any breakthrough AF events.


  • Bob did you have different types of ablation and could you say which has worked best please?

  • The last one ! LOL No all three of mine were RF ablations. The first one was best forgotten, the second worked for about six months and then things started to break through again and the third has been OK. I still get ectopics particularly when stressed or tired but touch wood no AF Five years and counting..

  • that sounds great- five years !! How did you decide which type of ablation to have- one of the association staff mentioned lazer balloon ablation had been promising ?

  • Back then these things didn't exist it was RF or nothing. Remember that it is less than twenty years since the first RF ablations in Europe (Germany) so this is all very new science as I keep telling people. Techniques are improving all the time and many more people are getting good results from their first ablation than when I started on the journey. I've been with AFA almost since it started , banging the drum and shaking the symbol as it were and seen a lot of promising changes but there is still a long way to go.


  • Had my ablation five years ago and Amiodarone has been the only 1 that kept me going. Unfortunately EP decided in his wisdom to take me off of it 2years ago and 6months after had a TIA. So now back on the Amiodarone.


  • Hi, I have not taken anything since the ablation. I was on sotalol before, but the EP said not to start back on it. I came of the warfarin as soon as I could and went back to mini aspirin. I stopped that after about a year having heard the research that it is not effective and having a 0 CHADS score.

    I had some odd days and two very long spells of very fast tachycardia during the 6 months or so that it took my heart to settle down after the RF ablation but no actual AF. And I still have days wheni dont feel altogehter right and thumps and flutters which seem just to be ectopics. But I consider myself 90% cured. I was lucky.

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  • Hi there can anybody tell me what ectopics are like,I had an AF yesterday and today i feel not quite with it, this afternoon my heart fluttered and i thought i was going to faint so came and sat down. I am on sotolol 80mgs a day,and see my cardiologist on 31st October but i am worried about how i feel now.

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