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Jessie J has AF and had a TIA

Whilst leafing through the Metro in the City I came across this article about Jessie J:

Apparently she had an irregular heart beat diagnosed at age 9, took beta blockers which turned her skin green (!) and had a minor stroke. It seems that at that time she started writing songs. She has a great approach to her problems!


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Interesting article, and good to have a "celebrity" sufferer, and I agree a great attitude.

I had to laugh at the Metro saying she had an oblation (Look it up if you don't know what the mis-spelling means)



I couldn't get the article to open :-/ but I'm sure I've read it's WPW she has. She had a stroke at 18 as well poor thing .


Wow... great attitude, as everyone is saying! Thanks for the link.


Interesting stuff. I wonder if she still has bouts of AF these days.


It would be great if the AFA association could get her to support the cause of irregular heartbeat in all its forms. A celebrity voice would add to the call for more action. Any chance AFA ?

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It seems unlikely that it is AF. There are many irregular heartbeat conditions - and some are much more common in young people than AF. Many are benign - my own wife had one which she 'grew out of' - while some are more serious. Personally I think we should be encouraging people to check their own heart rate (even the app on my smartphone shows my heartbeat is not normal) and contact a GP/doctor if there is anything unusual or that they are worried about.


That is why we have Heart Rhythm Awareness week every June to highlight it to the general public.You can get involved at any level either by leaflet displays in local doctors surgery or as we did down here the year before last with pulse checking in a restaurant by two specialist nurses.


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