Persistent AF and Lipoma

Hi had persistent AF for a couple of yrs had cardiversion but reverted back after 1 month that was 18 months ago. Had attempt at ablation but it was aborted after a couple of hours due to access problems. CT revealed a fattty mass had TOE yesterday and it is a large Lipoma in the atrial septum. Ablation will have to be done surgically and in 3 weeks i will find out if removal of the Lipoma is an option. Does anyone know anything about these procedures?

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  • Frillis, try looking on the AFA website they might have some info for you, good luck

  • Hi good for AF and treatments but nothing on cardiac lipoma getting more anxious by the day. Want to be rid of AF and Lipoma but not looking forward to surgery

  • Hi me again this benign tumour is going to be surgically removed also during this procedure i will hav surgical ablation for my AF open heart surgery wsnt on my list for santa but pleased i am getting sorted. Watch this space

  • i hope all goes well. One site says it is easy to remove Lipomas which are often discovered incidentally. Also says are associated with arrythmias . Best of luck!!

  • Open heart surgery cant be easy but at least its bengn and if AF controlled thats a bonus Thanks for support

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