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I'm in a cycle , all are under discussion , atrial flutter , atrial tachycardia , VT , don't know the difference

For me all are similar as I'm feeling same ugly symptoms , few were very sever attacks , but the treatment offered warfarin ablation , beta blocker , recently one of the doctors advised me a pacemaker

Conclusion still not stable after ablation on sotalol 80 mg twice a day which is controlling the symptoms not more 6 hours only , looking for a second opinion abroad, due to limited EP doctors here

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Maitha, all I can suggest is have a look at your diet, get a 'tolerance' test, then what ever they advise you to avoid stick to it! I changed my diet two weeks ago and taking Vit B supplements and i've had one minor blip after eating spicy food, my acid reflux has disappeared and I no longer feel tired all the time, its worth a try!


Thank you for the advice

I will ask my doctor for a referral to have the test , I'm sure I have some problems there

Since i have asthma and migraine which is linked to few types of food

It my help to reduce the triggers



Hello, I too found a food intolerance is a big factor in my PAF. Fructose is the problem food for me. When I avoid fructose rich foods My heart is calmer and I cough less in the mornings, calmer digestive system etc. Good luck with your treatment.


My list include wheat , fresh milk

In addition to food which trigger usually my migraine

Hope my doctor will agree with me in this test


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