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still not sure if i have afib or not...i feel i have been left in limbo

i do not seem to relate to any of the Symptoms other have with af. just every now and then feeling of numbness and slight discomfort, which i relieve with an hot water bottle,i come from an engineering backround and have put this down to my blood being thinned. For 54 years my heart as be pumping thick blood around my body. it is only logical to assume that if your blood is now twice as thin, the heart must work more freely which could be causing this numbness. just a theory ?

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Hi Llamudos

OK couple of things, firstly your anti-coagulant, does not "thin" the blood it just stops it coagulating, thinning the blood has been used to explain this (wrongly) to lay persons for a long time. In your engineering terms the viscosity would be exactly the same, so the heart is working the same.

But at 54, those lovely clear arteries and veins into which the pumped blood goes will not be as clear and as pristine as they were when you were a babe, so the heart works harder as you get older to pump the oxygenated blood around.

There is only one real test for A Fib, and that's an ECG and it's pretty clear usually, I suggest ask your doctor for an ECG, (if he/she knows how to interpret one) or alternatively ask for a hospital appointment for an ECG. That will tell you if you have A Fib.

Good luck



Hi Ian,

Good to see you puting the record straight about "blood thinning". I don't know why Dr's and Cardio's still refer to anticoagulants as "blood thinners" I suppose it is easier to explain to lay persons and to the majority, when you get a cut or small scratch on your finger and the blood goes everywhere the imediate reaction is that it must be very thin.

If Llamudos was Paroxysmal AF then a one off ECG might not pick it up. I had 25 years of visiting cardiology with several ECG's and holter monitors fitted before my cardio eventually said one day as he was monitoring the ECG, "Oh I see what it is". I now know I had all the classic symptons but they were missed.

Certainly hope Llamudos gets it all sorted out very soon.



hi Ian

thank you for your Comprehensive reply. damn!! thought i was on to something with my blood thinning theory :) still its better to have the facts ...

p. s

thank you Walter for you concern

happy daze



Thank you LAn

At last someone make it clear for me actually previously I was guessing that I'm having palpitation because my blood some time is thinner than normal so the flow of the blood is more fast lol

That looks funny for me now ;)


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