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Has anyone received a NHS England Personal Care Budget for their clinical management of their AF?

I noticed this post on twitter at @AbilityThink: NHS England Personal Health Care Budgets regulations come into force 1 August 2013

Having read the hard work put into the AF Association work on advising people how to get access to AF treatments, I had wondered wether a package of AF care could attract a Personal Health Care Budget to get treatment and exercise maximum choice.

Also on a similar note has anyone exercised NHS choose and book to select a particular EP consultant and hospital and been successful in receiving the physician they choose.

I am planning to write to the health secretary about the use of personal health budgets for AF and will let you see the copy of the outcome.

Does anyone at the AF association, volunteers or contributors have any thoughts or views on this as a potential way for accessing treatment, increasing patient choice, directing funding to EP specialisms into the private or NHS providers.

Thank you to for taking the time to research for kind links and information to help frame my question. More information as below:



I'd really welcome your input.

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