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what the hell happened to me ? any advice appeciated

Hi all, have been diagnosed with AF for couple years now, I know iv'e had condition longer though.

Having very frequent episodes now.

Tuesday morning was my worst experience so far, HR WAS 180 has been higher at 260 bpm, So wasn't panicking, until I had this weirdest feeling in my head that felt like I had an electric shock wave go through it, then felt myself going to pass out, I would not let myself go, my neice & daughter were with me. I told them to ring for ambulance, they were in shock as my speech was terrible like I was paraletic drunk. lost all feeling in limbs too. Rushed to hospital with suspected stroke. CT scan then sent to stroke unit, speech was back normal within 5 hrs but little stuttery.

Took longer for feeling in limbs to come back.

MRI scan done next day. Scan ruled out stroke.

Sent home & told to go see my cardiologist.

what is going on with me ?

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It does sound like a TIA or mini stroke. Are you on anticoagulant like warfarin or such as it looks like you should be. Af gives a person a 500% greater chance of stroke which is why all risks should be assessed and the patient on anticoagulant if this is indicated. A TIA or mini-stroke makes this a no brainer. Talk to your doctors about this as soon as possible



Hi Bob, still not on anticoagulant, cardiologist said I wasn't high risk. I really did push for it but they not giving me it. Sent me off with double baby asprin, (losing my faith in nhs,) Have not been on this forum since may, My Father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June, nhs left him for a year, now its to late :( What do you have to do to make these ppl listen ? its so frustrating.

Can a TIA go undetected on a scan ? thought MRI was the most accurate ?


Hi you described my experience exactly I'm going to take your letter to my doctor and show him . I was scared stiff I didn't go to hospital because I find its better to rest after an attack. I went to my doctor later in the week and told him. Hope you are feeling better now. Teresa


Hi Teresa, it was very scary. Can't believe you didn't go hospital. If that ever happens again to you please call 999. Don't suffer in silence.

What did your doctor say when you told him of the attack ?


Hi Krich69

You describe exactly what happened to me. I had a T.I.A. which I wouldn't have known about except I lost total vision in one eye for approx. 10 minutes otherwise there was no other symptoms except for A.F kicking in. I did go to hospital and had a C.T. scan and an M.R.I. scan and left hospital only with aspirin. 10 days later I had the same symptoms as you described and as I was on my own rang for an ambulance. This time I was diagnosed with a stroke ,albeit minor. I did have another C.T. scan. The stroke consultant said that the stroke didn't show up on the scan ,therefore I can only assume that yes you can have a stroke without it showing up. I was then prescribed Warfarin .Please go back to your G.P. and demand an anti-coagulant ( that's if you want to take it ) even if you haven't had a T.I.A./ Stroke you have A.F. and that's a good enough reason in its own right



Hi Fi, thanks for reply, I have gut feeling that it was a T.I.A.

Just can't believe I was sent home & told to take my norm dose of baby aspirin & pill in pocket flecanide.

Feel very let down by nhs & my cardiologist he's not taking me seriously either.

What will it take for them to act on it ? me having a heart failure or full stroke. How has it come to this really.....I'm 46 yrs old for god sake.

I am going to see my GP tomorrow. I am so p---ed off with the lot of them, sorry for language.

What meds are you on ? what treatment have they given you ?



It's so scarey So many people on here are all getting the same reaction from doctors. I lost my speech on 3 separate occasions and each time diagnosed as panic attack or migraine. Only when A.F. episode caught on anE.C.G. that they were diagnosed as TIAs. Even then I had to fight for warfarin as I was right wieght blood pressure fine etc But I'm female and had TIA which should have signalled usr of anticoagulant straight away. It all really worried me. Go to doctor prepared for a bit of a fight and don't back down!


Hi Karolyn

I'm taking Bisoprolol 2.5mgs twice a day , Warfarin 5 mgs ( that varies according to I.N.R.) and Simvastatin which the stroke consultant wanted me to take to lower my cholesterol level which was 4.9 before the stroke but he said he wants it down to 4 .

Good luck with your G.P. at your age they need to take you really seriously .A.F. is so scary at the best of times and terrifying if you start to worry about stroke risk but there's not a lot of help out there .You have to do a lot of research and become an expert yourself and don't get fobbed off. That's why this forum is so brilliant I've learnt so much from what everybody has written. Let us all know how you get on. I hope you get offered an anti -coagulant ,not something any of us want to take but at least it feels as though you have a degree of protection against stroke.



Went to GP today, She listened to what I had to say & was quite shocked that I have not been taken seriously by cardiologist. She is referring me to a different one now & pushing my appointment through today. She said what I experienced on tues morn was more than likely a T.I.A. All the symptoms I had all indicated minor stroke, she also said sometimes they don't show on scan if minor they don't always do damage to brain tissue & it can correct itself very quickly. I am so relieved that finally feel like something is going to be done about my AF. Doc also said to up my aspirin to 300 mg at moment until I see cardiologist. She cannot prescribe antico-agolunt yet. Thank you to everybody that has replied & will keep you posted :)



Really dont know why they increase you aspirin. It has been proved to be ineffectual with AF. There are many studies and AFA leaflets. I dont know why your GP cannot prescribe warfarin. If I was you I would get some information leaflets on warfarin and risk assessment from the AFA and take them along to your cardiologist and G~P




Hi everyone, I don't like taking any drugs really unless I have to, which is OK by me regarding Warfarin, I did change my habits for cooking and eating though, when I was diagnosed with SVT 18 months ago. I use ginger, garlic, turmeric, and oregano in rotation DAILY and asprin every 3rd or 4th day. All these herbs are blood thinners. Best to use in moderation and not all together, Blood results were fine on the last test. Best to let your GP and Cardiologist know exactly what you are doing, otherwise you could end up having blood that is too thin. It helped me to gain some control over my own health, you might like to research these yourself first.


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