Off to Spain with my good friends - AF and A Flutter!

I seem to have had AF for so long now the symptoms feel quite normal. Tiredness, episodes of shortage of breath, sweating etc. and I generally cope.

I have a holiday booked in October, going to Spain with my son, his wife and my granddaughter who will be 3 then. (Hubby staying at home with dogs :-).) I am also waiting for my second ablation to be rescheduled. Has anyone ever flown with these conditions and if so, where did you get your insurance from?

Joan (Froggy)

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  • Hi Joan, I carried on going to races in Europe when I had AF. Flying is not a problem although if you get stressed by airports like I do, (don't you love all the time wasting) then it could upset the balance of things. My insurance is from my bank account and no problems there but there are specialist travel insurance co's about and I have a feeling there may be something on AFA main website. Go enjoy your break and family. I haven't had a proper holiday for about five years but then retirement is one long holiday in my view.


  • Thank you BobD, I think I will just do that! Which races did you go to? I am intrigued now :-)

  • Hi Joan, Spa Six Hours, and Coppa InterEuropa at Monza mainly. These days I only go to one or two races each year and then only if somebody wants to pay for my services. Both events are Historic meetings. I have been working on the same cars for forty years from when they were new to now when we are both historic.


  • Just had a quick look. Looks fantastic!

  • Monza is very seedy and run down but still has great charisma and Spa is awesome. Mind you the gradient there is steep and it really knocks you out walking from one end of the paddock to the pits. I do love Italy mind you and adore Italian driving. Foot down , horn fixed and go. In a Hertz car you are bullet proof and like Moses in the Red Sea the traffic parts if you are determined enough. Maybe next year again once I have sorted out all the things which need doing in the house. Had the chance to go to Spa this year but with the builders in doing the bathroom that was politically unsound.

  • Hi Joan - In just over a weeks time I am off to Rhodes for a couple of weeks. Bisoprolol and Warfarin packed in my luggage along with my bikini (only joking - those days are long past!). I took out insurance with "Good to Go Insurance" and paid £70.75 for the 2 weeks cover. I had to declare existing medical conditions for my husband as well as myself. They offer several levels of cover, and I settled for the "Gold" as it provides more than adequate cover for us. So long as I have sufficient to get me home if needed then that`s all I bother about.

    Many insurance companies will not provide cover if you have a pre-existing medical condition, and from my research there are also several who charge exhorbitant premiums once they are aware of any heart conditions.

    Hope you have a great holiday.


  • You are brave. I had old one episodes and after already cancelling 2 holidays booked for spain for 2 month end of October. But I am battling with anxiety and panic and hope will be ready to go. Continuing with CBT therapy. Regards . Eva

  • Great information Anthea, thank you. I will have a look at their site and let you all know what he outcome is.

  • £47.46 for 8 days! Whoopee! And thank you x. Before that my lowest quote was £115!

  • Hello Joan,

    Hope you have a lovely time in Spain! Holidays and family - terrific medicine.

    I've been to France and Spain since diagnosis 4 years ago with no problems,(even organising INR checks), apart from paying too much for insurance. Anthea's insurance suggestion sounds better and EHIC Plus was good. I'm in the middle of organising a 10 week, 4 country trip to SE Asia, working out hospitals for INR checks with a lot of help from this forum, advice from a good practice nurse, and insurance from Avanti. And just when I'd bought it and the tickets,I've finally been offered the chance of an ablation. Hopefully they'll keep me on the list....

    Best wishes,


  • Wow! You are well travelled - good for you! I too was offered my second ablation for the 27th September. When I mentioned my holiday I was advised that having just 2 weeks before my holiday to recover was not enough so they are rescheduling. Hope you get yours soon x

  • Hi all, just spent 6 days walking around NYC, 3 of which were spent in AF. Am off to Ibiza in 3 weeks, don't let it beat you

  • I cannot believe all these holiday stories! I spent hours on the phone and got No from all the companies who actually advertise AF insurance because my husband is on a list for ablation. Eventually I found one but if he was to cancel any booked trip as he was going to have the procedure they would not pay out. Seemed fair so we went with that at 98.00 for one week. Then the letter arrived from the hospital 5 days later. Sod's law?

    Any way whether to go for it or not (ablation) was the subject of my posting on Friday. My husband got really annoyed over the insurance and said he just said wants to live a normal life and have a holiday or two. Me too!

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