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Were we born with AF?

I was talking with JeanJeannie the other day about all sorts of things when we realised that we both were prone to fainting attacks as children. This is quite unusual I think and it was always put down to an adrenalin surge blocking the blood supply to the brain. It was, in my case, once misdiagnosed as epilepsy. My nephew was also misdiagnosed for years as an epileptic costing him many jobs that he applied for. Fortunately he is now established as a qualified nurse. Jean and I were wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience or is this just sheer coincidence.

Looking forward to your replies.


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In my case the major cause of my AF attacks is the open heart surgeries I d

Had earlier

I was born with aortic vave problem and replaced twice

In 2000 I had a heart failure when I had my second surgery

I'm suffering from those attacks since that date but diagnosed only from a year ago

From what you mentioned it is logic to guess so

Hope you all will get better soon or at least to be able to manage it properly



Thanks for your comment Maitha. Your condition seems much worse than mine as you have had far more problems. I do hope you will feel better soon



I used to take dizzy spells as a kid, my gp said it's "growing problems" I've always wondered was it af???