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Hi I really need advice...I live most of the time abroad now and I'm finding warfarin and all it's testing etc very problematic ...which of the three new drugs should I take....I was discharged from specialist treatment five years ago and told to come back in25 years so I have to make up my own gp is fab but open to all ideas...not being a there one drug you only have to take once....what are side effects....this is kind of info I need cheers everyone.

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Hi and cheers to you! I don't blame you for wanting to ditch the testing etc on warfarin. The once daily dosing of Xarelto (rivaroxaban) may be something you and your GP may decide on. Side effects are pretty much the same across the board--you need to watch for any signs of bleeding, and you may bruise more easily, watch for muscle aches. The Xarelto is taken with the evening meal and there are no food restrictions or concerns. On the other hand, if you are making a choice based on OVERALL stroke prevention both ischemic (clots) and hemorrhagic (bleeding), the twice daily dosed Pradaxa (dabigatran) is the superior drug according to the data. Lots to consider here and the decision must come from conversations with you and your doctor about your specific needs. I think a check back with a specialist might be good a little more often than every 25 years, but that's just me. Good luck with your choice!! Good food, good movement, good sleep and happy attitude are all part of the prescription to to keep living well with AF !



I am taking one of the new anticoagulants, Rivaoxaban, instead of Warfarin. I have not had any side effects whatsoever and my blood work when checked showed no ill effects from it.

There is also Dabigatran and the latest one approved in the UK by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) is Apixaban. All are more expensive than Warfarin although I had no problem getting it on the National Health Service.

Downside, as yet there is no specific reversal agent in case of a major bleed (for any of the new ones), however I have been assured by my Cardiologist, my GP and my A&E Consultant cousin that there are things that can be used in the case of a bleed, so assured it is well worth using.

Interestingly the cardiac nurse at my local AF support group also suggest that as the new drugs are scrutinized so well by NICE then they will have had wider scrutiny than Warfarin had when it was first prescribed way back as there was not the checks and balances in place then that there are now.

Its a matter of personal choice in consultation with your medics, we can only do what we think is best for ourselves.

Good luck with whichever anticoagulation you choose.




You could always buy your own Coagucheck and do your own testing. If you are UK based and on NHS then they will pay for the strips I understand. If you are abroad and having to pay for your drugs then this may work out cheaper.



Having been on Warfarin and the usual headaches re INR & IBS being stirred from its slumber [ doesn't affect everyone ] am now on Rivaroxaban ; and so far no problems. Hope you talk to your doctor/consultant and get all relevant info so you can make right choice for you.

good luck



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