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appointment with EP brought forward questions to ask about ablation

after haveing another atack of AF at weekend ended up i A&E again dr sugesting that the fact i have a hiatus hernia could be causing my chest pain so i was wondering if the AF attack irritates hernia and then causes bad chest pain. Ep appointment was brought forward after a cancelation to tommorow any advice on questions to ask.

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Hi John, there is a school of thought that blames AF on hiatus hernia and for sure anything vagal can interact heart to stomach and vice versa.

Questions to ask.

1) should I be on anticoagulant.

2) If ablation thought about does he use general or sedation.

3)What success rate does he have

4)If no ablation suggested rate or rhythm control? Go fro rhythm is possible in my view if you haven't already been on one.

Other advice is to take a partner or friend as no matter how much you think you are prepared you will miss a great deal of the conversation and forget half of what is said.


Goo luck



Hi John

I have a Hiatius Hernia and it certainly is a factor in my Paroxysmal A Fib. Both my Cardiologist and GP agrees. I am on a Proton Pump Inhibitor - Lansoprazole, to help my stomach condition and acid reflux. The connection is in no doubt in my case.

Check it out with your Doc. Also ask about anticoagulation to manage stroke risk. Ask about meds options and ablation. Try to keep calm and write down your questions and his/her answers. Have someone with you to listen as you cant remember everything when under stress.

Good luck.


i have had my appointment with EP and he has refered me for polmary vein ablation and to have a test of my osophagos with a pressure check to check for spasam of the osophgos which they think could be the source of the bad chest pains. But the dr explained that when in Af this can cause chest pain but not in the same way as a heart attack.. the bad news is the waiting list is 5 to 6 months?


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