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Bradycardia & Arrhythmia - please advise what LHRH & 2 generation drugs

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I have just been diagnosed with both Bradycardia and Arrhythmia.

I would be grateful if anyone can advise which LHRH and 2nd generation drugs are safest

I cannot get Regilux due to insurance reasons

Thank you so much


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Everybody is eligible for a two month free trial Of regulux from the manufacturer. After that you can get what they call a bridge prescription free of charge which should bring you to a point where your insurance should cover it.

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Christopherg in reply to 114411

I will contact. Thank you so much

Unfortunately...all Lupron like meds are cardiotoxic. Antagonists are slightly less cardiotoxic than agonists.Among Lutamides, Bicalutamide is least toxic to heart....Out of all, Abiraterone (Zytiga) is most toxic to heart.

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depotdoug in reply to LearnAll

That’s exactly what i thought. Abiraterone. And thats why i’m on 250mg Abi so far. Thxs LesrnAll.

Do you have heart electrical problems also?

Yes absolutelyMay 17th five days post sudden cardiac arrest i got my 1st ICD/pacemaker implanted.

On my second ICD/Pacemaker since Jan 2019.

Two cardiac ablations: 2015 Cryoablation

May 2020 Rf cath ablation, successful so far.

At least 5 cardiversions.

Dx'd with AFIB back in May of 2013 with a variety of anti-arhythmia meds.

Had an RA lead revision this Mar to replace an aging and noisy fractured pacing lead.

I could add more.

I've talked considerably with my most two MO's since 2019-present about my cardiac rhythm issues and AFIB. That is why I'm one:

only 1 - 250mg of Abiraterone meds so far.

And keep both my EP and cardiologists updated all the time.

I could add mores.


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Lulu700 in reply to depotdoug


So glad all is well with you

Keep on trucking

I read that too. Doesn’t give me too many choices though. Thank you for sharing

If you do not have coronary artery disease, or a previous heart attack or stroke, I believe bradycardia (an arrhythmia) is not a condition which will be made worse by Lupron or similar.

Personally I will consider an LHRH antagonist such as Firmagon because they may have less cardiovascular complications and act more quickly than Lupron or similar.

Abiraterone may cause cardiovascular complications (mainly hypertension, edema and hypokalemia which could cause arrhythmias other than bradycardia), if the increase in aldosterone is not controlled correctly with prednisone, dexamethasone or eplerenone.

Enzalutamide and apalutamide may cause hypertension.

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Christopherg in reply to tango65

Thank you so much Tango

I have been on Lupron

My MO and cardiologist say the drugs are much of the same including firmigon

Doesn’t give me much confidence or hope hearing this

I will read the literature you kindly sent

Thank you so much for this

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tango65 in reply to Christopherg

You are welcome. I wish you the best of luck.

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Christopherg in reply to tango65

🙏🙏. You keep well

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Lulu700 in reply to Christopherg

Much the same , sure kinda , firmagon is better and more costly . The drs think in a box. Many don’t like to be questioned much . I did the orch to drop the shots . Glad I did. 4 yrs no shots . No t is a bitch however with its own sets of little pleasures.

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Christopherg in reply to Lulu700

I agree my MO definitely doesn’t like to be questioned

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Lulu700 in reply to Christopherg

More Typical than not .

Just an insight on my experience. I had a cardiac ablation for Atrial Fibrillation January and I just started ADT (firmagon 1st, lupron 2nd month, with abiraterone). In May. So far so good regarding cardiac toxicity (though I know it is only been two months).

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Christopherg in reply to TylexGP

Was the abi suggested by your MO?

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TylexGP in reply to Christopherg

Yes the Abi was suggested by my MO. I have inteaductal Gleason 9 locally advanced.

Regular exercise may help. Walking every morning is the best.

I’m all in with walking twice a day 8000 steps

Great, deep breathing every day is also helpful.

Where are you today---I take it you are 65 in age---from your profile. What drugs arenyou taking right now for Pca, and what are you taking for your Heart Issues, and what other drugs are you taking for anything else. And what is your fitness level from 1 to 10. Your PSA today? Your T today? Your ALP, & other blood markers you know of?


Lupron only but MO wants me on a 2nd generation

He said xtandi but it’s causes fatigue and all others have heart related issues

I do take a BP medication and one for arrhythmia

Apart from these nothing else

Fitness ok for being on ADT

I walk twice a day, workout in small home gym and golf twice a week walking the course

Not as much energy as I would like hence xtandi puts me off

Interested in the drug names you use, both for Arrhythmia and BP.


Hi nalakrats

biscopal fumarate 7.50 mg daily

Candestartan 20 mg for BP

Best regards


Are these Hypertensives being prescribed by a Cardiologist or your GP? And I did not get your current PSA, Gleason Score?


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TomTom1111 in reply to Nalakrats

I know the candesartan is for BP because that's what I take but 16mg. The other med must be for the Arrhythmia.

My cardiologist originally prescribed the candesartan 25+ years ago.

That’s a long run

Yeah tell me about it..but I'm in pretty good shape otherwise. Still play ice hockey 2x week at the young age of 55...and up until very recent, exercise 5+ days a week.

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Lulu700 in reply to TomTom1111

55 dam Tom ! 55 is too freakin young . I started at 53 . Ice hockey ? Fantastic 💪✌️

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Nalakrats in reply to TomTom1111

For both Hypertension, and Arrhythmia's. If one is not overly Hypertensive, with just intermediate on and off Arrhythmias, I have a program that I use with local in person people, to get them off the drugs and to alleviate the issues. But I will not discuss on a public forum, or on messenger.


By my cardiologist

Presently as on Lupron PSA is .08

Gleeson score 7 (4 plus 3)

Something to be aware of, ADT is associated with an increase of the QTc interval-- a risk factor for ventricular arrhythmia's.

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Christopherg in reply to timotur

Thank you TImotur I wasn’t aware but now am and will investigate

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timotur in reply to Christopherg

Sure Chris, I have had occasional arrhythmia events, related mostly to caffeine intake, and when I was on abiraterone, had a moderately severe episode that persisted longer, and stronger than my usual 5-10 minute fluttering event. After that happened, and due to elevated BP— going from 110/70 to 165/100, I dropped it after five months. Something to discuss with your cardio if needed.

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Christopherg in reply to timotur

I most definitely will

Thank you for the alert

I trust you are keeping well?

Orgovyx is less toxic for 1st line ADT, Nubeqa is probably the least toxic on the heart for the more recent 2nd line AR drugs.

Hi George

I am meeting my MO this week

Can you let me know where I can get scientific evidence about Nubequa to discuss with him

Thanks so much


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