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Are Alternatives Being Considered To Improve Treatment Results?

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Hello, I'm an Alternative Medicinal Health researcher that stumbled onto this site while researching anthelmintics (like, fenbendazole & oxibendazole), as well as antifungals (like Itraconazole) that have been found to be effective against malignant tumors. Wondering if anyone here has had the chance to use any of these above mentioned, along with alternative therapies to improve treatment results?

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Ketoconzale has been used to treat prostate cancer.

It has been replaced by Zytiga.

The antihelmintic niclosamide is being tested in clinical trials.

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Thx, I'll check-out the links.

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No, not the ketoconazole. Can't use anything that's to hard on liver. The Liver, Endocrine & the Lymph systems will need to be improved by the therapy. Thus, the study on niclosamide/PDMX1001, Abi and prednisone did get some promising results regardless of no attempt to help improve these other systems.

Know of-and reading on--nothing I can add at this time---too little data and trial work.



Doctors are too busy with using the treatment that insurance will pay for. So, sounds like it will take a leap of faith into making the new direction.

CareOncology’s PCa protocol includes mbendazole, alongside metformin and other repurposed drugs. It is given month on/off with doxycycline, to spare biome impact by both.

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Thx. Hum, so a vermicide (mebendazole), then blood sugar control (metformin) & antibiotic (doxycycline) with "other repurposed drugs." I'd have to know more about the plan and the meds to get an idea what's their reasoning behind the protocol. Regardless, some of the things I've learned during these past 40 years of using Alternatives is one cannot just stop a anthelmintic until the parasite has been eradicated or controlled without replacing it with another, & that the one being replaced is because its non-effective against the target parasite or its life-cycle stage (stopping will definitely cause dissemination). There are many cancer causing agents, including heavy-metals, parasites & organisms of infectious disease (some species more than others w/#1 being Flukes), & something's displacing normal cell replication. Until one has addressed these issues no one can wave a magic wand of meds to change the course of the propensity that the metabolism is stuck in. Therefore, this protocol sounds like it needs to be reconsidered and restructured to suit its purpose. Who may ever be on this protocol will be helped more with a nutritionist & an adept Naturopath.

I have stage 4 MCRPc (minor mets) and tried a few months of niclosamide the antithemitic a year or so ago. No detectable effect. Niclosamide has close to zero bio-availability. It passes straight through as intended.

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Now, Niclosamide is an antihelminth (vermicide) used against 'adult' tapeworm infections and has some effects against the fluke flatworm-species called schistosomes (not found in the US 'yet'). I understand you considering the method, but likely you're not infected w/any particular species that this med can target. You can see more about the uses of this vermicide on

The mutation or activation of the “Hedgehog Gene” is a factor in the metastatic action of prostate cancer cells. Where by the cells through EMT believe that in a distant lesion, that they should be forming a gland as in an embryo. The anti fungal chemicals affect the precipitating genes in a negative way (stoping or slowing them), but then the cells eventually “figure out” a different path to survive and grow. Liver damage concerns are an issue with the ant-fungal chemicals. They are one treatment thrown at prostate cancer, not 100% effective, short lived, with side-effects too harsh on system tissues and organs.

Completely understood, but as I was reading your information about the “Hedgehog Gene” effect I couldn't help to think back when studying colon-hydrotherapy techniques, of eventually flushing these similar embryo-looking things from colons. I noticed they can, will, or do migrate through the intestinal walls of women. Now, whether or not they can migrate through the intestinal walls of men, I'm not sure, because its difficult getting men to do the adequate amount of colonics that will be necessary to flush the complete colon many times. The best thing to do that I can advise is to set up a home 'colonic' system & work daily or every-other day on the colon with purified water & replenish the digestive flora with starter probiotic b. infantis.

The cells affected by the Hedgehog gene are in the lesions, which are in the tissue ... liver, lungs, kidney, BONES, brain, etc. And can not be “flushed-out” as though they are a loose lining in the colon, or are like film on the colon’s lining. They are imbedded in various tissues throughout the body. As they try to form an embryo type gland or structure in the bones, the pressure and pressing on the nerves is what causes the excruciating bone pain. Anti fungal chemicals tend to slow down the growth ... its action is not completely understood. It is an interesting approach to treating metastatic prostate cancer, perhaps the last line of attract, or used in those that display specific EMT (Hedgehog) genes. The chemicals are harsh on healthy tissue and especially on the chemistry of the liver. Perhaps not always the best choice when others are still available.

Since I imagined from the description of embryonic formation & what I've seen before, I could only deduce that the Hedgehog gene originates digestively. In fact we all develop digestively. As deuterostomes, we all develop from the colon first. Therefore, even though of your frustration, don't downgrade any potential that a clean & properly functioning digestive tract can have on restoration & wellbeing.

Many of our medicines are hindered, or interact harshly, due to underlying causes of deficiencies. It is still good to hash this out. Thx

Thanks for joining our group. I hope you will continue posting here and keep us up to date with your research.

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Thank you kindly. My actual research is much more than this and helping some with my medicinal adviser facebook-page.

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What is you handle on Facebook. I would like to friend you if that is permissible.

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You have rules on this site, but this, as long as it is an honorable attempt, is best handled in a chat. Thx for liking my post.

My herbalist suggested that I take two teaspoons of tomato paste every day because of the lycopene. Also, she believes that prostate cancer is a hormone-based disease, and therefore balancing the hormones with natural hormone-balancing supplements can complement my conventional therapy. This, along with a no sugar, reduced carb, and hi veggie diet, she claims will be very helpful.

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There are many causes for many cancers. Sorry, I did not see your reply sooner, but I disagree with your herbalist and hope you did not start taking any type of hormone stimulating herbals.

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